4 Ways Franchise Management Software Benefits Handy-Man Franchises

4 Ways Franchise Management Software Benefits Handy-Man Franchises

Running a handy-man franchise is hard work. Fortunately, software has been developed with franchise systems in mind…

And yet, despite the proven value this software has for service-based franchises’ operational efficiency, some owners are still reluctant to embrace virtual franchise solutions for a company whose work is done in the real world.

In today’s post, the FranchiseSoft team describes four ways that franchise management software benefits handy-man franchises. Read on to explore the value our scheduling, invoicing, communications, and reporting software holds for your franchise, and find out how to book a free consultation.

Save Enormous Blocks Of Time On Scheduling

If your handy-man franchise is large enough to employ a number of technicians, you’re probably familiar with the hassle involved in small-business HR management. Without the right franchise solutions, scheduling can be a nightmare – how much time do you spend cross-referencing staff calendars and double-checking with employees about their availability? More importantly, how much of that time is profitable?

FranchiseSoft allows handy-many franchise owners to focus on growing their business, rather than spending their limited time on this kind of administrative busywork. Cloud-based and mobile-friendly, our software allows you to create and assign new jobs on the go, from any device. From there, you can easily notify franchisees, customers, employees, and field reps about changes to the job or location via text or email. Moreover, instead of racing back and forth to the office or getting caught in a web of confirmation calls, you can see your entire roster’s availability at a glance with our calendar tool.

Increase The Productivity Of Your Handymen (And The Quality Of Their Work!)

Handy-man companies that implement our franchise solutions generally notice an uptick in productivity as a direct result of the time their staff can save in the field with streamlined invoicing, scheduling, and work confirmation.

But FranchiseSoft also creates an element of accountability via detailed customer service reporting, which helps motivate your team to do their best. Furthermore, our software gives workers the ability to upload pictures of repairs and other jobs-well-done to improve quality control, which lets fellow employees double-check the work of new employees from any device.

Boost The Communications And Morale Of Your Team

Every great handy-man franchise owes at least part of its success to the strength of the team dynamic, and this depends on high morale and open communication. Our franchise solutions enable both of these organizational characteristics, giving your workforce unprecedented levels of connectivity to eliminate stress and improve job performances. Whether you need to wish a coworker well, inform them of a change of location, or ask for advice on a particularly tricky repair, our messaging system allows easy communications between all parties. Our system also helps to avoid miscommunications by compiling all customer communications in a single place.

Improve Your Franchise’s Legal Compliance

Operating a successful handy-man franchise also means complying with any labor laws that apply in your area. As an owner, you will be responsible for protecting employees against over-scheduling. Moreover, some states have minimum age requirements for certain tools, machinery, or equipment that may be required in your work. FranchiseSoft allows you to track your hiring and scheduling activities to protect against any potential problems.

If you’d like to learn more about how FranchiseSoft’s franchise solutions can benefit your handy-man company, visit http://www.franchisesoft.com to schedule a consultation with a member of our team!

Franchise Management Software for Small Businesses: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Franchise Management Software for Small Businesses: Cost-Benefit Analysis

So you’re looking to streamline some components of your service-based business, but aren’t sure where to turn.

Do you hire additional hands, call in a small business consultant, or look into modern software solutions?

Small businesses have limited administrative budgets to work with, which means every cent has to pull its weight. This is especially true for new franchise owners who have to raise additional money for their initial franchise fees.

With this in mind, today’s post offers a cost-benefit breakdown of franchise management software for service industry workers. Find FranchiseSoft’s 6-point analysis below:

Eliminate Administrative Busywork

If your service-based franchise is large enough to employ a number of different technicians and field reps, then you know the administrative nightmare that is staying on top of schedules and basic employee information. Relying on a paper-based system in this case might be cheaper up front, but the indirect losses associated with this daily administrative busywork add up fast. In contrast, FranchiseSoft enables constant, streamlined staff communications, and makes scheduling as easy as glancing at our calendar tool and making a few simple clicks.

Eliminate Unnecessary HR Salaries

FranchiseSoft doubles as an HR management system, which eliminates the need for a dedicated HR employee. These savings are often enough to justify the cost of field management software on their own.

Improve Business Decisions At Every Level

Without proper data, planning for the future of your service-based franchise might as well be wishful thinking. Whether you’re considering expanding into a new territory, adding a new service branch, or increasing your marketing budget, you will need to inform your decision with hard data. The due diligence that our data collection offers will improve the impact of your business decisions, and increase the degree of trust and support your employees place in your plan.

Streamline Your Franchise Communications

FranchiseSoft’s mobile-friendly, cloud-based software includes a messaging service that is compatible with any device with text or email capabilities. This feature tracks and organizes all client communications to protect against any misunderstandings, and lets you instantly message fellow workers for advice when you encounter an unfamiliar challenge in the field. And forget the Rolodex; our software puts all relevant client and coworkers information at your fingertips, whether you need to get in touch directly or tweak the targeting of a new ad campaign.

Protect Against Technological Failure

For business owners, there are few scenarios worse than losing client information or invoice records due to technological failures. Even with the support of an established franchise system, recovering from these kinds of setbacks takes a serious toll. To protect against equipment failures, our software is cloud-based, meaning that your precious business data will exist virtually on a secure server until you don’t want it there anymore. Disaster recovery becomes as easy as logging back into the cloud on another device. While you will still need to absorb the cost of replacing your broken phone or computer, you will save thousands by avoiding the need to rebuild your business backend and repopulate client lists.

Make Every Marketing Dollar Count

If you’re trying to save money, you can’t ignore the value that FranchiseSoft adds to your franchise marketing. Analyze sales reports to pinpoint responsive demographics and areas, then use our franchise marketing automation software to put your plan in action. Once you’ve generated your leads, our software helps you track, analyze, and follow-up the right way, preventing any hard-earned sales from slipping through the cracks.

Learn more about the cost and value of our field management and franchise marketing automation software at http://www.franchisesoft.com.

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