Sell More Memberships to Your Fitness Franchise: 3 Benefits of Franchise Lead Management Software

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Today’s post outlines 3 benefits that our franchise lead management software offers fitness franchise owners. 

Identify serious prospects automatically. 

As you know by now, fitness commitments can be fickle; everybody wants the physical and mental benefits of slimming down, but actually getting them to work hard towards these goals is another matter. With that in mind, an important step in your fitness franchise’s lead capturing process will be to determine which prospects are really interested in committing to a healthy lifestyle and paid membership at your gym.

For best results, this “lead filtration” task needs to be done early on in the process, preferably before any direct contact is made. In contrast, if your sales staff pursued face-to-face meetings at every sign of a new prospect, they’d spend most of their day talking to people who weren’t serious about getting in shape. That means burning money on sales staff salaries with very little return on your investment.

FranchiseSoft’s franchise lead management software gives you the tools to automatically identify serious prospects through implementation of email marketing. Configuring an automated sequence of emails for potential leads will nurture the relationship with the potential gym-goer, and engage them with questions that you can use to gauge their interest and evaluate the overall lead quality. Eventually, you can send an email with a call-to-action directing “filtered” leads to booking information.

Properly utilized, our franchise lead management software essentially lets you automate first-time consultations, saving face-to-face time for those with serious buyer intent – customize your email template chain once, then sit back and wait for serious leads to start calling!

Organize lead communications.

Working as a fitness franchise owner or operator, you know just how hectic things can get. Between balancing personal training clientele, ongoing education duties, equipment vendor relationships, HR responsibilities, and marketing tasks, it can be easy to lose track of your correspondence with new leads.

You shouldn’t have to choose between quality assurance or growing your company, so we developed franchise lead management software to make it easy. FranchiseSoft’s franchise lead management software tracks all communications with prospects, leads, and clients in a consolidated app that can be accessed on any mobile device. Our software standardizes information prospects will receive via intuitive email campaigns, ensures each lead is taken through your sales process, and keeps your finger on the pulse of the lead relationship, all without ever distracting you from keeping things running smoothly on the front lines. 

Optimize your social media acquisitions. 

Generating impressions via social media is extremely easy in the fitness industry. Since the exercise crowd loves nothing more than snapping selfies and tagging posts at the gym, much of your social media visibility and authority-building will take care of itself.

However, few fitness franchises have truly made the most of social media in regards to lead acquisition, with most brands treating these assets as little more than customer communication platforms. What most fail to realize is that social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have greatly improved their paid advertising, rolling out new targeting systems and website-promoting tools that can make all the difference. Using the key performance metrics that FranchiseSoft’s franchise lead management software auto-generates in reports to target these paid campaigns, drumming up quality leads is easy.

Moreover, partnering with FranchiseSoft for their corporate marketing package gets you access to the social media marketing savvy of the ClickTecs team, putting you a head-and-shoulders above the competition.

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3 Ways to Optimize (and Automate) Your Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing

Today’s post highlights 3 ways FranchiseSoft’s franchise marketing module can optimize your 2017 campaign results.

The better the targeting, the better the marketing.

As any franchise marketing veteran will tell you, advertising campaigns live or die based on the efficacy of their targeting.

It doesn’t matter how great your advertising copy is if you’re not getting it in front of the right eyes.

This applies to both paid and organic marketing. Without proper keywords that anticipate the search intent of people you want to engage, your SEO content will go unread, and your website won’t rank where you want it to. Worse still, your paid marketing will come down to guesswork, and you’ll end up spending money to get your ads in front of people with zero interest in your product or service.

Demographic targeting depends on the industry you’re in, as well as what level of industry you’re in. As you can imagine, fast food restaurant franchises and fitness franchises will want their products in front of very different audiences. By the same token, a fast food restaurant franchisee will target a very different crowd than a franchisor, who will be looking for older prospects with goals in investment or entrepreneurship.

While we can’t identify your target audience here, we can point you towards franchise marketing tools that can. FranchiseSoft auto-generates pipeline reports, sent automatically to your email, so you always have key metrics at your fingertips on any mobile device. These metrics will tell you exactly who is looking for related products and services, which will greatly improve your keyword research and paid marketing efforts.

Automate lead generation with your website.

The internet is the new “Yellow Pages,” with more people than ever turning to Google searches to find products and services that fit their unique needs. With that in mind, the value of including a quality website in your franchise marketing campaign has never been greater. When properly designed, your website will attract local users with strong buyer intent, direct them to your website, and funnel them towards call-to-action copy where they can book appointments, order products, or call you directly, all without your direct involvement. In other words, a quality website will literally automate the lead generation process.

FranchiseSoft offers website management as part of its corporate marketing capabilities.

Make the most of every lead you capture.

Capturing leads is crucial, but it’s meaningless if you consistently fail to convert. Granted, some people with weak buyer intent will click your links and request information out of sheer curiosity, but if you’re squandering a significant percentage of the leads you capture, something’s seriously wrong!

One of the most common causes for lost leads is failing to nurture the relationship. Leads need a certain amount of your time, support, and attention, but it can be hard to stay on top of numerous prospects at once.

By streamlining lead correspondence and ensuring that each prospect is taken through your sales process, FranchiseSoft’s franchise marketing software was designed to make the most out of every lead you capture. Using our consolidated communication app, you can effortlessly pick up the conversation where it left off from any mobile device at any time, turning any slow moment, waiting period, or train commute into an opportunity to nurture a potential conversion.

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