Going Mobile: Save Time and Money with Field Service Management Tech

Going Mobile: Save Time and Money with Field Service Management Tech

Changing technologies, environmental considerations, and new demands imposed by the increasingly competitive globalized market have made systems virtualization the way of the future for franchises in the service sector. In today’s post, we discuss four ways that you can save money by going mobile with FranchiseSoft’s field service management technology.

  • Save time disseminating work orders. Paper-based work orders worked well enough for service based franchise owners in the past, but they’re no longer optimal. Today, franchise owners in the service industry rely on field service management technology to save time and money that would otherwise be spent on menial tasks, like handing out work orders.Consider how much time an HVAC franchise owner or a handy man franchise owner will spend each week manually distributing and reviewing work orders from one department to another. With this old model of paper-based work orders, meetings were often needed to field questions and resolve scheduling conflicts. These obligations consumed hours of time every day that could have been spent generating new business or completing client work.FranchiseSoft field service management technology distills these duties into a single click. Rather than handing physical orders off one-by-one, you can create, assign, and disseminate new work orders to employees and field reps instantly, from anywhere. In doing so, we give service franchise owners more opportunities to grow their profits and keep up with the demands of the globalized Internet era’s round-the-clock business hours.
  • Save money on stationery (and save the environment) with systems virtualization. Business owners in every sector spend staggering amounts of money on stationery supplies each year. Switching to mobile, cloud-based software like our field service management technology can save franchise owners hundreds of dollars every year, while also contributing to “green” environmental initiatives by minimizing paper consumption. Rather than filling out physical invoices and printing reports, you can share these documents in an instant through any smartphone or tablet.
  • Cut down unnecessary travel time. While franchise employees may be paid for their travel time, these trips don’t generate any money for the owners. If you’re looking for ways to improve your return on investment as a service based franchise owner, eliminating unnecessary trips is an excellent option. Field reps always need to travel to job sites to provide services, but anything else is a costly excess.  Franchise owners who have invested in Franchise Soft’s field service management software give their technicians the ability to share pictures of their work, get sign-offs from their clients, invoice anywhere, and collect payment on the spot. If the client isn’t ready to pay, the technician can get on with their day worry-free; our software lets the franchise office request and collect payment online anytime, which means no return trips!
  • Never waste time on data entry duty again. Our cloud-based field service management software lets you effortlessly replicate, share, and convert relevant documents. We can completely automate your invoicing process, and because our software is fully integrated with Quickbooks, you can save hours on bookkeeping.

While these four benefits translate to big savings for franchise owners in the service sector, they’re really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what our field service management software can do for you. If you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to visit http://franchisesoft.com/franchise-solutions/field-service-management/. Service basedfranchise owners can get a free demonstration by filling out the contact form on the right hand side.

3 Things Field Service Management Software Can Do For Your HVAC Franchise

3 Things Field Service Management Software Can Do For Your HVAC Franchise

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services is expected to increase over 30% between 2010 and 2020. While this is great news for HVAC franchises, it does put some added pressure on the efficiency of your operations.

As we move closer to 2020, and the demand for your services climbs, your franchise will need to schedule more appointments, delegate more duties, and invoice more clients than ever. Surging demand isn’t a bad problem to have, but if your business model or HVAC franchise system falls behind and keeps people waiting, you could actually lose clients and customer referrals in the future. In a franchise system, this effect can snowball quickly, impacting the brand reputation and making it harder for everyone to convert prospects!

This is where field service management software makes all the difference. Streamlined, scalable, and simple to use, this tool will help you keep track of leads and generate additional sales in any market conditions. But that’s only one way that this software can help.

In today’s post, we outline 3 things field management software can do for your HVAC franchise in 2017.

  • Curtail scheduling conflicts. There is perhaps no better way to drive away new business than to stand up your client due to a scheduling conflict. With a high volume of work orders rolling in for the foreseeable future, HVAC franchise owners will need to maximize the efficiency of their job scheduling to avoid this, and to curtail productivity losses from double-bookings.FranchiseSoft field management software is an all-in-one scheduling solution that makes it easy to avoid conflicts and manage your staff on the go. Our software gives HVAC franchise owners the ability to create and assign new jobs from any device, and instantly notify franchisees, customers, employees, and field reps about scheduling updates via text or email. Our calendar view feature lays out your staff availability at a glance to eliminate booking errors, and cuts the stress of reassignment down to a series of clicks.
  • Enhancement communication between all parties. Communication is key in any relationship; in the HVAC franchise world, it translates to improved client satisfaction and more conversions in a given amount of time.Our field management software enhances connectivity between all parties involved in the business equation. The FranchiseSoft app runs anywhere the user may find themselves, even where signals are scarce, ensuring that client, technician, and franchisee are never more than a click or two away. Request appointments, get your boss to sign off on an invoice, or complete a consultation anytime using your tablet or smartphone.
  • Streamline your invoicing process. FranchiseSoft field management software allows HVAC franchise owners to streamline their invoice process from end-to-end. Assign jobs using a centralized call center, or directly from franchisee to field rep. Field reps can use the software to upload pictures of a job well-done, get sign-offs from clients, invoice on-site, and collect payment instantaneously. Alternately, the franchise office can issue an invoice and collect payment online. Lastly, our software is fully integrated with QuickBooks, making your bookkeeping a breeze.

Try our field management software for FREE!

At FranchiseSoft, we are so confident in our software that we offer no-commitment, 100% free demonstrations to all HVAC franchise owners. Use the contact form at http://franchisesoft.com/franchise-solutions/field-service-management/ to learn more!


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