Employee Management Software for Businesses

FranchiseSoft lets you effortlessly manage your employees, as well as giving them access to important information.

Check out the features of FranchiseSoft’s employee management module:

  • Simplified communication with all or some employees
  • Schedules for tasks and events related to employees
  • Intuitive documentation of all communication shared with each employee
  • Employee management calendars, with the most recent staff availability
  • Elimination of scheduling conflicts with the immediate notice of overlapping shifts, overtime, and so on
  • Elimination of schedule-related absence, by giving employees constant access to their schedules and shift changes
  • Creation of schedules free of conflicts, shift copying, importing schedules from other sources, and more
  • Sharing of scheduling responsibilities, by allowing employees to set availability and trade shifts, and spend less time managing schedules
  • A visual and interactive approach to scheduling, engaging employees in the scheduling process
  • Real time updates of schedules, ensuring that schedules are not lost or unsaved
  • Simple tracking of employee start and end times
  • Generated payroll files, which are export compatible with most payroll vendors
  • Dynamic reports on employee operations
  • A mobile and tablet app that provides employee contact information, employee work schedules, hours worked, and gives employees a comprehensive way to view and set their schedules
  • SMS and email reminders sent to employees to remind them of shifts, changes, and so on

We offer no-commitment, absolutely free demonstrations of our product. Contact us today and one of our representatives will be in touch within 24 hours.

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