Financial Management Software Solutions

FranchiseSoft’s Finance Module allows you to improve roll-up reporting of data and collection of royalty and other fees from franchisees by simplifying the process of submitting financials with automatic or manual royalty calculations at the franchise unit level or master/area rep levels.
You have the ability to process royalty payments for Franchisors and Customer Invoices for Franchisees, using the following gateways:

  • QuickBooks Online – Our seamless integration allows users to create royalty invoices and customer invoices within FranchiseSoft and push these invoices to QuickBooks eliminating the need for dual entry for both franchisor and franchisees.
  • NACHA File Processing – Available for any CEO Access Accounts for faster payment processing. FranchiseSoft allows the ability to create NACHA files for royalty processing by direct payment via ACH. Based on your specific fee settings, Franchisors can download a NACHA file that can be uploaded to your banking institution where they take care of debiting your Franchisee’s accounts and crediting your Franchisor account.
  • Other Payment Gateways – PayPal,, and FPN – these are Franchisee Level integrations. Eliminates the need for checks or money orders. Have the option to request payments from anyone with an email address.
  • Point Of Sale Integration – Toast and iConnect – also a Franchisee level integration. Removes the need for manual sales entry and makes royalty calculation easy.

At FranchiseSoft, we are confident that you will find our finance module to house accurate financial data and automate processes within the finance department of your franchise organization. That’s why we offer no-commitment, absolutely free demonstrations of our software. Contact us today for a demonstration, and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

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