Field Service Management Software

FranchiseSoft’s field service management capabilities are there to help you keep track of leads, which in turn helps you turn leads into sales more quickly and easily.
The powerful Field Service Scheduling module gives access to schedule jobs at all levels: the franchisor, the franchisee and the field reps.

Below are some of the features of FranchiseSoft’s Field Service Management Module:


Create new jobs and assign jobs from any device to field reps. Easily notify franchisees, customers, employees and field reps through text or email about job schedules. Field reps utilize a mobile app (Android / IPhone) to receive and confirm jobs that are assigned.

Field Rep Management and Reporting:

Geo locate your field reps on a central dashboard when taking the job order. Easily monitor availability through calendar view of all reps. Assign and reassign jobs based on client and field rep availability. Complete reporting on client satisfaction by field rep, revenue by field rep and much more.

Jobs to Invoice:

Assign jobs using a centralized call center or through the franchisee right to the field reps. Field reps can upload pics of job, get sign off from client, invoice at the customer site and collect payment on the spot or the franchise office can issue an invoice and collect payment online. Integrated with Quickbooks.

The Field Service Management App is also integrated into the Franchise CRM that that adds a whole host of additional features such as:

  • A comprehensive dashboard to analyze leads and referral sources, complete with customizable widgets based on preference
  • Detailed reports to track and analyze leads and referral sources
  • Seamless importing of lead details
  • Simple tools to capture lead information
  • Communication tools to reach out to all, some, or individual leads
  • Easy documentation of all communication shared with leads
  • A referral source tracker
  • A simplified way of identifying reasons for losing leads
  • A mobile app that puts lead management at your fingertips, letting you track your leads on the go

At FranchiseSoft, we are confident that you will find our software to be intuitive, efficient, and rewarding. That’s why we offer no-commitment, absolutely free demonstrations of our software. Contact us today for a demonstration, and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

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