Ending the 'Telephone Game' with Franchise Communication Software

Ending the ‘Telephone Game’ with Franchise Communication Software

Aug 08, 2018 By

Did you play the telephone game as a kid? For those who haven’t, the game is very simple. The goal is to relay a simple message down a line of people. But there’s a catch: the message must be passed in secret, whispered from ear to ear. All the sneaky whispering is fun, but the game’s real p...

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Is Your Management Software Franchise Friendly

Is Your Management Software Franchise Friendly?

Jul 25, 2018 By

Generic business management software doesn’t fly in the franchise world. As current and former franchise owners ourselves, making our software franchise-friendly was one of the primary goals we had during the development phase. So what does that mean, exactly? Read on! Today’s post spot...

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Franchise Software System Support 3 Ways to Cut the Learning Curve

Franchise Software System Support: 3 Ways to Cut the Learning Curve

Jul 18, 2018 By

Even the best franchise software system can’t help you if you don’t learn how it works, right? Most of us spend too much time on our devices nowadays to be considered “computer-illiterate,” but franchise software system learning curves can still be pretty steep (Mahapatra& Lai, 2005)....

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