How To Cut Training Costs With Franchise Onboarding Software

How To Cut Training Costs With Franchise Onboarding Software

Nov 20,2020 By

Top franchisors understand that time is money, which is why time-saving onboarding solutions are in high demand, particularly when they can actually improve training and start-up outcomes. Well, good news: our franchise onboarding software does exactly that!

Read on to learn 5 ways franchise onboarding software saves businesses time and money, or call 888-302-3676 to speak with a representative and book a free virtual demonstration.

Initiate The Onboarding Process Earlier In The Sales Process

“Onboarding actually begins during the sales process when you are presenting potential franchisees with the opportunity to buy,” writes Global Franchise magazine. “Right from the start, you need to convey your culture and your unique value.”

To that end, Global Franchise magazine recommends including links to videos and other relevant brand media directly inside your early-stage sales materials.

Not only does this proactive approach to onboarding lay the groundwork for better training outcomes, it also makes your offer more engaging, conveying your brand’s values upfront to help connect with compatible candidates straight away. Using video media doubles down on this engagement effect—this claim is borne out by several studies claiming that video marketers get approximately 66% more qualified leads per year.

FranchiseSoft simplifies early onboarding efforts, providing several tools for users to engage users sooner in the sales process. Chief among them is the virtual brochure, which can be customized with:

  • To-do lists for leads (e.g. checking out your franchise’s costs and criteria, booking a follow-up consultation, completing training tasks, or taking a virtual tour of your office)
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Custom messages from the franchise president
  • Instant messaging functionality
  • Onboarding videos about your brand’s culture, company history, community outreach, green initiatives, and more
  • Embedded images and other media

You can create multiple brochures, each tailored to different demographics (e.g. a virtual brochure for veterans, describing veteran discounts and ways the company gives back to servicemen and women), giving your early onboarding efforts even greater degrees of specificity.

FranchiseSoft’s virtual brochures also provide valuable metrics and back-end analytics, telling you how long leads spend on different sections and showing you which links or media content they clicked on. Use this feedback to tweak and refine future campaigns, and identify the aspects of your brand opportunity that resonate with your leads.

Simplify Paperwork, Tax Forms, And Royalty Questions With Franchise Onboarding Software

Franchisors can set up Royalty Fee structures right from the Franchisee List, whether you use fixed amounts, percentages, sliding scales or minimums, and our cross-module functionality instantly ports relevant information to auto-fill forms, eliminating data-entry duties and minimizing the risk of “human error.” Additionally, all paperwork and onboarding forms can be stored in your private Intranet server, then instantly shared through SMS or email, or quickly updated to reflect changing company policies.

Franchise Onboarding Software Automates Time-consuming Training Tasks

Our “hands-free” franchise onboarding software makes it easy to start and manage the training of both new entrants and longstanding partners requiring continuing education.

First, all training materials can be instantly uploaded to a private, secure, cloud-based Intranet server, which authorized personnel can access from any device with an internet connection. In this way, your franchisees always have training materials on-hand, as though they were lugging your brand’s playbook around with them 24/7. This decreases the need for flawless onboarding and intensive instruction, since any true “test” they face in the real-world instantly becomes “open-book,” and finding answers is easy with our powerful search tool.

For some franchise owners, uploading onboarding materials to their private intranet in this way is enough to provide total training automation. But if your franchise requires more than a simple self-study directive, FranchiseSoft has you covered.

In addition to your private intranet servers, FranchiseSoft lets you create custom onboarding courses, quizzes, and training modules, then assign them instantly to franchisees from any mobile device.

Once the franchisee’s corporate training is complete, our franchise onboarding software auto-generates full Training Reports straight from the learning management module. These reports capture and foreground important training details, showing you how long franchisees spent on each module, how far they got, and even pinpoint start times so you can nip procrastination in the bud. Use this data to determine where extra attention is needed, and how best to spend your face-to-face training time, as well as flag parts of your curriculum in need of improvement.

Finally, once their training’s complete, the date of completion is automatically entered into the Franchisee List for easy reference and better organization when the time comes for continuing education.

Minimize Errors And Oversights With Franchise Onboarding Software, Task Logging And Scheduling Automation

With the help of the master multi-point tasklist, FranchiseSoft’s onboarding module facilitates greater clarity and organization during the onboarding process, guiding new entrants from the moment they sign the franchise agreement to the day they open their doors for business.

The master multi-point tasklist lays out every step of the process, segmenting tasks into pre-opening and post-opening, or any custom layout you need to make sense of this crucial start-up process. From this master list, each franchisor can create a tailored list of tasks that the franchisee or corporate employee needs to complete. FranchiseSoft also facilitates proper sequencing to ensure that nothing gets held up in the process. All tasks are recorded/auto-logged for easy reference and greater accountability for owners and employees alike.

Furthermore, FranchiseSoft makes scheduling task reviews, face-to-face training, coaching sessions, and other onboarding activities easier than ever. Our simple and interactive calendar lets multiple authorized parties make changes as needed, so onboarding can be scheduled and rescheduled as needed, without the need for multiple rounds of “phone tag.”

Taken together, our scheduling tool, task logger, and master task list make it easy to manage any onboarding processes, even for large, multinational companies juggling dozens of new entrants at once.

Learn More About Franchise Onboarding Software

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