Can Employee Management Software Help Your Franchise?

Can Employee Management Software Help Your Franchise?

Dec 19,2016 By

Franchising is an interesting business model, in that, the more successful you become at growing your franchise, the more difficult it becomes to manage it. For a business that is just starting out, profits may not be where you want them to be, but it can be relatively easy to manage. Then you find some success and begin to grow and grow your franchise, and take on more and more employees, it can become quite stressful and convoluted. To help manage all the employees of a large and/or growing franchise, you need high quality employee management software. But just how does employee management software help your franchise?

Employee Management Software

Employee management is so much more than just hiring the right people for the job. You need to make sure that all employees are on the same proverbial page. And quality employee management software is imperative if you are to succeed in this endeavor. Employee management software eases and streamlines everything from basic tasks such as communication to more complicated matters of scheduling and payroll files. Human resource management is crucial to the success of a franchise. That is why you need employee management software that provides an intuitive and easy to use module with a robust system to track employee records, orientation and referral sources for employees, hire and separation dates, hourly tracking, and simplified payroll processing.

The Employee Management Module from FranchiseSoft

As a part of employee management software, an employee management module like the one offered by FranchiseSoft can do wonders at easing the complicated process of managing employees across the franchise chain. It allows for effortless management and grants employees access to imperative information.

With the FranchiseSoft Employee Management Module you can:

  • Simplify communication with all or some employees
  • Schedule tasks and events related to employees
  • Access intuitive documentation of all communication shared with every employee
  • View employee management calendars, with the most recent staff availability
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts and be immediately notified of overlapping shifts, overtime, and the like
  • Eliminate schedule-related absence by giving employees constant access to their schedules and shift changes
  • Create schedules which are free of conflicts, and import schedules from other sources, and more
  • Share scheduling responsibilities by permitting employees to set availability and trade shifts, spending less time on managing schedules
  • Access a visual and interactive approach to scheduling, engaging employees in the scheduling process
  • See real time updates of schedules, ensuring that schedules are not lost or unsaved
  • Easily track employee start and end times
  • Generate payroll files that are export compatible with most payroll vendors
  • View dynamic reports on employee operations
  • Utilize a mobile and tablet app that provides employee contact information, employee work schedules, hours worked, and gives employees a comprehensive way to view and set their schedules
  • Use SMS and email reminders sent to employees to remind them of shifts, changes,etc.

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Employee management software is only one of a plethora of franchise systems offered by FranchiseSoft that can help your franchise. To learn about the Employee Management Module available from FranchiseSoft, or about many of our other franchise systems, please contact us today.