Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Secret To Franchisesoft's Employee Management Software Success

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Secret To Franchisesoft’s Employee Management Software Success

Jun 15,2020 By

Today’s post dissects the top-5 employee management software picks from an affiliate sales site to show how FranchiseSoft stands on the shoulders of giants, offering all the best features of big brands and then some!

How To Use Top Employee Management Software Recommendations For Better Product Research

This section looks at some of the top employee management software recommendations according to, whose top-5 list occupies the coveted “position zero” (aka the Featured Snippet, which appears above the #1 SERP result) when Googling “employee management software recommendations.”

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Secret to FranchiseSoft's Employee Management Software Success

But before we do, there’s something you need to know about this list… is a relatively big name in the business software blogosphere, and like many big blogging operations, they make their money via affiliate sales. That means they get a kickback whenever somebody buys a product featured on their website. It says as much on their Privacy Page (as all affiliate salespeople must disclose this information). It’s important to know this upfront, since it tells you three things about their product recommendations:

  1. More often than not, their recommendations are not based on actual experience with the product. Common practice among affiliate sales sites is to “mine” positive reviews for relevant information, so that the actual on-site review functions more as a “review curation” than actual customer feedback.
  2. It is in the affiliate site owner’s best interest to feature popular, positively rated employee management software, because these products are most likely to secure sales. That’s not inherently bad—readers want recommendations for positive and popular products, after all—but it is restrictive. Since maximizing affiliate sales is the ultimate end-goal, you’ll rarely find little-known gems or up-and-coming products listed on these sites.
  3. Some affiliate sites are paid directly by companies who want to get their products listed. This may not be the case with—we truly have no way of knowing—but it’s something you need to be aware of when reading recommendations like these. In cases like these, you’re not actually reading customer reviews, and you may not even be reading a “review curation” as described in the first point; instead, you’re simply reading a paid advertisement for a product.

Nevertheless, reviewing affiliate product recommendations can still be quite useful for learning about the best employee management software, since it shows you exactly what kind of value propositions are most popular at the time of research. If nothing else, affiliate salespeople know what sells, which can tell you what features competitors demand.

So what are people looking for in employee management software?

Top Employee Management Software Features (According To Affiliate Salespeople)

  • Advanced tracking options. org gave Hubstaff their #1 spot because it offers “a slew of performance management solutions to give managers a clear view of employee online activity.”

    The downside of Hubstaff, according to reviewers, was twofold. First, a second app was needed for part of the “stopwatch” time-tracking capabilities. Second, Hubstaff’s reporting was fairly basic.

  • Budget-friendly. Since they focused on small business solutions, low-cost employee management software was sure to sell with readers. DeskTime ranked the highest here, offering task management tracking and calendar integrations for a low price to earn the #2 spot overall.

    Once again, the biggest downside of DeskTime was limited reporting capabilities.

  • User-friendly. Employee management software should make life easier, which means no giant learning curves. Teramind earned the #3 spot with its simple dashboard and interface, advanced features, and solid reporting capabilities.

    For some reason, “Learning Curve” is listed as one of its big weaknesses—even though the simplicity and user-friendliness is supposedly its biggest strength! This looks like an oversight, and goes to show some of the QA issues with affiliate recommendations. Nevertheless, this listing underscores the need for user-friendly employee management software. “Expensive subscriptions” was another weakness:

  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Secret to FranchiseSoft's Employee Management Software Success
  • Productivity tracking and management capabilities. TimeDoctor gets the #4 spot for its in-depth employee monitoring system, productivity tracking, and invoice/payment functionality (with an abundance of third-party integrations with QuickBooks and the like).

    Downsides include out-of-date user interface, subpar HR management functionality, and need for browser extensions to access all features.

  • Scheduling functionality. VeriClock clocks in at #5 on the list due to its superior time tracking capabilities. In addition to its time-tracking features, this employee management software offers QuickBooks integration, GPS tracking, and training functionality.

    But again, you’ve got to take the good with the bad. Downsides include “poor user interface” and no data storage.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Secret To Franchisesoft’s Employee Management Software

Have you ever heard this old expression?

To stand on the shoulders of giants means “to discover truth by building on previous discoveries.” It’s about taking what’s already good and making it great—in this case, it’s about taking the top employee management software tools to new heights, giving you all the best of the top-5 features without any of the drawbacks.

So how does FranchiseSoft stack up?

Looking over the list of top-5 employee management software products, it’s clear that FranchiseSoft is standing on the shoulders of these workforce management “giants.” Not only does our employee management software provide users with all the top-5 features listed above, it does so without any of the downsides:

  • The best of advanced tracking features. FranchiseSoft offers all the advanced tracking capabilities of Hubstaff and more, without needing to install secondary apps or compromise on reporting quality.

    Tracking features include documentation of all communications, sophisticated calendar tracking, full monitoring of employee start/end times and total hours worked, real-time field service management, training trackers (e.g. track how long it takes employees to complete custom training courses), and more. And unlike’s #1 pick, FranchiseSoft auto-generates dynamic reports on employee operations.

  • Budget-friendly employee management software solutions. Recognizing the demand for scalable and budget-friendly employee management software, we created a modular solution that can flex to fit any budget or business need. Whether you want to control costs by working strictly within our employee management software module, or unlock the full potential of our franchise solution, FranchiseSoft has the answer—and unlike their #2 pick, you never have to compromise on reporting quality.
  • User-friendly software with a simple learning curve. Our system is designed by and for franchise owners. We use intuitive systems, clutter-free dashboards, and automation to make our solution as accessible as possible. If you can drag-and-drop email attachments or update your Facebook status, you’ll be able to use our software like a pro in no time at all. We specialize in training “digital immigrants,” offering full walkthroughs and responsive support.
  • Premium productivity tracking and management capabilities (with no out-of-date UIs). FranchiseSoft sends SMS and email reminders to employees regarding shifts, changes, and new assignments; auto-generates dynamic reports on all employee operations and payroll/invoicing activities; automates scheduling; lets managers monitor or communicate with employees instantly, either to approve work or sign-off on invoices; and much more. And unlike’s #4 pick, you don’t have to deal with an “out-of-date user interface” or subpar HR management tools.
  • Superior scheduling functionality (and storage). FranchiseSoft offers all the value of the #5 pick and more, giving users full time-tracking, QuickBooks integration, GPS tracking, and training functionality, while also automating the scheduling process with an innovative and conflict-proof calendar tool. Plus you don’t have to deal with a “poor user interface” or lack of data storage—FranchiseSoft offers a complete private intranet for secure cloud storage.

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