6 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Cloud Based Marketing System

6 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Cloud Based Marketing System

Sep 16,2019 By

Cloud based marketing systems are probably more familiar than you think.

Have you ever updated your Facebook status? That’s cloud computing. Ever check your bank balance on your phone? If so, your head’s been in the cloud once again.

Clearly, cloud computing is fast becoming the new norm–it’s fast, easy, affordable, convenient, efficient, and secure–so the proliferation of cloud based marketing systems should really come as no surprise.

Today’s post highlights 6 more reasons to consider making the switch to a cloud based marketing system in 2019. Read on to level up your understanding of the benefits of this exciting new technology and find out how to book a free virtual demonstration.

  • Cloud based marketing systems are extremely flexible. If your business has growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands, cloud computing is the answer. Scaling up or cutting down your cloud storage capacity is easy. In fact, CIOs and IT Directors rank “operational agility” as a top driver for franchise owners’ cloud adoption in 2019!
  • Cloud based marketing systems offer superior disaster recovery. Disaster recovery is an important thing for business owners to invest in, especially franchisors with much to lose. But traditional disaster recovery and backups require lots of time, money, and expertise. Not so with the cloud: our secure servers keep your essential marketing materials and demographic data safe no matter what happens to the physical hardware in your office.
  • Cloud based marketing systems are easy to update. Keeping on top of all updates is an important part of keeping your marketing systems efficient, secure, and cutting-edge. But manually updating local software on dozens of computers scattered throughout your office building–or, for franchisors, all across the nation–can be extremely time-consuming. The beauty of cloud based marketing systems is that the servers are stored off-premise, which keeps them out of sight and off your plate. Our team rolls out regular software updates automatically, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining the system yourself.
  • Cloud based marketing systems make it easier to collaborate. When authorized members of your franchise team can access marketing data and create or edit ad copy at any time, from anywhere, you can do more together. Cloud-based marketing systems greatly enhance workflow, and also automatically create archived edit histories that make work easier to change and keep collaborators accountable for changes they make.
  • Cloud based marketing systems offer enhanced security. One of the biggest hurdles for virtualizing franchise systems on the cloud is convincing franchisors that online storage is actually safer than storing files in computers under lock and key. But it’s true! Take a cue from the online banking world, which is almost entirely handled via the cloud.Cloud based marketing systems are immune to the dangers of lost, stolen, or damaged hardware. Not only can you always access important files from the cloud, but you can wipe files off laptops or desktops remotely should they ever fall into the wrong hands.
  • Cloud based marketing systems let you work from anywhere. If you’ve got an internet connection, you can be at work. That’s something that simply isn’t possible for owners whose marketing capabilities are still tethered to physical hardware.

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