Virtualizing Franchise Management Systems for a Richer, Happier Business

Virtualizing Franchise Management Systems for a Richer, Happier Business

Nov 23,2018 By

Today’s post explains why virtualizing your franchise management systems is superior to the old-school “offline” approach.

Read on to learn how our digital franchise management systems can improve your company morale and boost sales–or just skip the preamble and book a demo for yourself.

Franchise Management Systems Enhance Sales

Virtualizing your franchise management systems can improve customer satisfaction and streamline the sales process.

Using our field service management module, managers can remotely monitor and support on-site workers to guarantee a job well done. Field reps can upload pictures of a finished job for quality assurance, and instantly contact support services or access digital training documents if a problem arises.

Our field service management module also helps you respond faster to customer requests. Our software lets you instantly geo-locate field reps on a central dashboard when taking job orders and check availability at a glance. That way, you can assign the job to the nearest available worker and cut response times.

Better service and faster response times lead to greater client satisfaction, which means better reviews and more referrals for your business at the franchise level.

Virtualizing your franchise management systems also benefits your franchise development. Our software alerts you to new leads to expedite contact, and allows you to create a dynamic sales process that includes automated email campaigns, custom virtual brochures, real-time lead monitoring, and simplified communications. And before you commit to any big-picture sales decisions, review the auto-generated pipeline reports that are sent automatically to your email to ensure you never miss any key metrics, threats, or opportunities.

But boosting sales in this way is only one reason to virtualize your franchise management systems in 2018.

Franchise Management Systems Improve Employee Satisfaction

Two of the most important criteria for employee satisfaction are adequate training/support and open communication.

One of the most common causes of employee burnout is stress, which usually boils down to anxiety about the individual’s ability to complete a given task. If you feel like you lack the training or resources to do your job, yet are still expected to do it, the resulting stress and frustration can be overwhelming. In contrast, employees who feel prepared for work challenges enjoy high levels of job satisfaction. That’s why adequate training and support is so important.

With virtual training courses and the ability to upload entire libraries of reference materials, FranchiseSoft makes onboarding new employees easier than ever. And once the employee is on the job, our powerful franchise management systems let you track their performance (and their clients’ satisfaction) to pinpoint problems early for faster remediation.

But what if the employee encounters something that wasn’t covered in their training or mentioned in the textbook? Nothing to stress about! In addition to FAQs and self-service support options, the entire franchise family is always at their fingertips, so they can reach out via SMS or email with any questions. This ties into our second criterion for employee satisfaction: communication.

FranchiseSoft streamlines all communications by consolidating all messaging into a single app. Now users can send SMS, emails, or system-wide alerts easily to maximize transparency and promoting active internal communications.

Going Digital with your Franchise Management Systems

Though the benefits are undeniable, virtualizing your franchise management systems can be daunting, especially for franchise owners whose careers have taken place largely “offline.”

FranchiseSoft can help! Our team is made up of current and former franchise owners who specialize in helping franchise owners navigate this digital transition.

You can explore our franchise management systems on your own, or book a free consultation with a member of our team, by visiting