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How to Choose Franchisor Management Software

Mar 12,2018 By

Today’s post is designed to help you choose the best franchisor management software on the market. Read on to learn about essential features and find out how your current software candidate stacks up against FranchiseSoft.

Do I want local or cloud-based franchisor management software?

But if you’re a franchisor, cloud-based software is the obvious choice.

Cloud-based franchisor management software means:

  • Better disaster recovery. Businesses of all sizes ought to be investing in robust disaster recovery, and it’s especially important for national franchise brands. Uploading your franchise materials to your private Digital Library via FranchiseSoft’s intranet ensures that any sensitive data is protected at all times.
  • Automate crucial updates. Since the serves are kept off-premise, all security updates and other software maintenance duties are automated. With local software, the only option is to manually update every device.
  • Streamlined collaboration. Imagine a system that lets your entire franchise family access, edit, and share the same documents anytime, from any device. Cloud-based workflow is simply superior. And that’s critical for franchise systems, where having consistency with your product, service, and organizational culture is key.
  • Unparalleled mobility. Our franchise management software lets you work from anywhere you have an internet connection. That means you can monitor franchisees, build relationships with new leads, overview inventory and supply chain, design new marketing campaigns, and more, no matter where you are. Productivity should not be penned into the office – make the world your workplace with cloud-based franchisor management software and optimize your work-life balance like never before!

Learn more about the value of our cloud-based franchisor management software here.

Does this franchisor management software integrate with existing software?

For many franchisors, software integration is non-negotiable. Whether you simply cannot live without QuickBooks or need something that works with your retail point-of-sale program, it’s imperative that your chosen software “plays nicely with others.”

Though we designed our franchisor management software as an all-in-one solution, we still appreciate the importance of cross-platform integration. And this is one area where our front-line franchising experience really paid off. After years of franchise experience, our designers knew exactly which tools franchise owners favour, and designed the backend with time-saving synergy in mind.

Is this franchisor management software compatible with multiple devices?

According to research from Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iPhone continued to outsell its Android counterparts in the final quarter of 2017, but that doesn’t change the fact that smartphone and tablet users work off of a myriad range of devices. It’s extremely common for there to be a mix of Androids, Apple products, Google phones, and off-brand devices used within a single franchise, which is saying nothing of the enormous diversity you’ll see across an entire franchise family.

With that in mind, it’s critical that franchisor management software is compatible with all of the different platforms and devices that are being used today.

Is the reporting up to par?

One of the key parts of any franchisor management software is the reporting capabilities. Without adequate reporting on sales, revenue, customer attrition, franchisee performance, and industry developments, critical business decisions are reduced to guesswork.

FranchiseSoft’s reports are totally automated, intuitive, and customizable. Pipeline reports are automatically generated and sent to your email according whatever schedule you set. These reports emphasize key performance metrics for all components of your business, and organize data in a way that’s easy to digest. And since franchise systems are deployed in all industries, FranchiseSoft reports are fully customizable.

How does this franchisor management software stack up against FranchiseSoft?

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