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Convert First-Time Customers into Long-Term Clients with Field Service Management Software

May 17,2017 By

Many service-based franchises make the majority of their money with one-off service calls. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, this model means that some franchises miss opportunities to build long-term client relationships that increase overall sales and revenue, without ever having to spend more on marketing.

In today’s post, the FranchiseSoft team shares 3 ways service-based franchisees can use field service
management software to secure more repeat customers.

Offer Service Contracts

Service contracts are an excellent option for service-based franchise owners looking to increase their revenue and secure sales with long-term client relationships. These contracts provide routine, maintenance-oriented services for a predetermined length of time, and usually give the customer some kind of discounts for “buying in bulk.” They appeal to the customer in the same way that an insurance sales pitch would; you are selling peace of mind and minimizing the risk of bigger problems caused by maintenance service neglect.

Pest control franchises may offer to refresh bait stations and spray baseboards once per month as a preventative measure; landscaping franchises may offer bi-weekly mowing and maintenance through the summer months; handy-man franchises may inspect and service appliances on monthly maintenance contracts.

Whatever your franchise offers, field service management software will make service contract creation and implementation easy. FranchiseSoft allows you to create customizable franchise sales processes that can be tailored to suit any service contract specifications.

When it’s time to promote your new service contracts, our software’s custom templates make email campaigns easy and effective. Moreover, when you implement your service contracts using our field service management software, you get auto-generated pipeline reports with highlighted key performance indicators, sent automatically to your email, so you can study performance metrics at a glance.

Push The Pre-Season Tune-Up

Many service-based franchises are also season-based; pest and insect activity fluctuates year-round, and nobody’s tackling landscaping projects in the dead of winter. While most people think of the seasonal nature of their work as a minor disadvantage, it can actually be turned into a great incentive to convert new clients, and to secure repeat customers for “pre-season tune-up” service calls months in advance.

The pre-season tune-up should be offered when the franchise calls to confirm the service appointment’s completion and customer’s satisfaction. Servicemen can also reinforce the pre-season tune-up message while they’re on the job, and make bookings then and there using FranchiseSoft tools. The pest control franchisee might offer preventative pesticide treatments or baiting before summer swarms arrive, while the landscaping franchise could promote post-thaw cleanups of soggy leaves.

Engage And Inform Your Clientele With An Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are one of the best ways to keep your service-based franchise in your clientele’s mental Rolodex. You can use this tool in a number of different ways.

  • You might promote the service contracts and pre-season tune-ups mentioned earlier, or provide generate tips related to the service you provide to further establish your authority on the subject and build a readership.
  • You can also use the newsletter as a means of motivating and recognizing hard-working staff with “employee of the month” style write-ups.

Try to have your servicemen collect client emails early on to populate your newsletter mailing list, and draft beautiful, engaging copy using FranchiseSoft’s custom templates. Even if some clients never open your newsletter, it will help your branding and name recognition to insert your company’s name in their inbox every so often.

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