How Can Software Improve my Franchise Marketing?

How Can Software Improve my Franchise Marketing?

Sep 19,2018 By

As business owners, we know better than to hold out for “magic pill” solutions, so it makes sense to be wary of anyone claiming that software is going to significantly improve your franchise marketing.

But hear us out – this will be a quick read, and it might put you on the scent of something that could seriously improve your franchise marketing capabilities (and cost-efficiency).

Read on to learn 3 ways our software can improve your franchise marketing.

Level-up your Research Game

Everyone knows franchise marketing relies on quality research, but what have you done lately to up your analytical game?

Our franchise marketing software automatically captures important details about your target market through auto-generated pipeline reports based on previous dealings with these buyers.

You’ll also benefit from intuitive reports and analytics on all marketing efforts, so you can identify which avenues are paying dividends, and which are burning holes in your pockets.

Get More People on Board with your Franchise Marketing Strategy

Sometimes the problem with a franchise marketing strategy is simply adherence. Franchisors spend thousands working with consultants and market researchers to develop these fantastic multi-stage strategies, but it all goes to waste because they can’t get the whole team (which may span multiple states, provinces, or countries) on board.

So how does our software get more franchise owners behind your franchise marketing strategy?

  • Easier access to your franchise marketing “playbook.” Upload your franchise marketing strategy to your private digital library so franchisees can reference best practices 24/7.
  • Create, schedule and monitor franchise marketing training sessions. Franchisors can build their own virtual franchise marketing training sessions, then assign them to franchisees. Our software automatically captures details about their training progress, including the time it took to complete certain modules.
  • Motivate your franchise marketing team. Publish news blasts about franchise marketing results to inspire the team onto new heights, or share other motivational messages through streamlined communications software that works for SMS, email, and phone calls.

Make your Travel Time Highly Productive

Do you ever find yourself stuck in traffic wondering how many productive hours you’ve idled away?

One study by the Transport Reviews journal estimated that the average worker spent 139 hours per year commuting – the equivalent of 19 standard work days you could have invested in improving your marketing campaign (Lyons & Chatterjee, 2008, p. 181).

FranchiseSoft is 100% mobile-responsive, which means you can take your franchise with you anywhere. That means public transit users and carpoolers can transform their commute into productive time (don’t people always say their best ideas strike on the road?), and trips into the office become a choice rather than a necessity.

In addition to a top-down marketing management module, our mobile franchise software lets you:

  • Develop your franchise with full access to your lead management tools, calendars, brokers, and reports;
  • Manage current candidates and build relationships using streamlined communication tools that log all correspondence for future reference;
  • Monitor franchise performance and pinpoint areas of improvement with P&L data, live dashboard analysis, and dynamic reports;
  • Manage ground-level operations by communicating with employees, scheduling tasks and events, resolving scheduling conflicts, generating payroll files, signing off on uploaded images of finished work, processing invoices, and much more.

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