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Evaluating Franchise Software Systems: Which Features Are Non-Negotiable?

Feb 05,2018 By

Today’s post spotlights 7 essential features that all franchise software systems should have.

Use this as a franchise software systems buyer’s guide or simply to learn more about what FranchiseSoft has to offer.

  • Automated workflows. Get the most out of your work day by automating low-value tasks. FranchiseSoft combines modular franchise software systems into a single platform to eliminate repetitive data entry tasks. And since you can customize event triggers, notifications, process mapping, and follow-up tasks, our franchise software systems work for any business.
  • Easy integration. Franchise software systems should integrate smoothly with the rest of your operations and operations. If you run into a lot of compatibility issues early on, consider this a red flag.
    Integration is one area where our front-line experience with franchise ownership really paid off. As current and former franchise owners ourselves, we knew exactly what software tools our program would have to synergize with. And so we designed it to do just that.
  • Smart customer categorization. Beyond providing time-saving organizational efficiency, segregating customers into different categories helps in developing and targeting marketing strategies and new products and services, allowing you to tailor your outreach to specific audiences.
  • High-quality intranet. FranchiseSoft’s intranet lets franchise owners upload material and manuals to digital libraries, where they can edited, shared, and updated from any authorized mobile device. This is a tremendous boon for franchise owners, who waste countless hours every year tweaking, revising, and disseminating process manuals as their systems continue to evolve over time.
  • Cross-modular campaigns. Email campaigns are important for marketing, development, and even internal franchise management. Thus, franchisors should find franchise software systems that offer intuitive campaign building tools. Look for software that seamlessly integrates modular data, so that you can locate lead contact information or products specs from your marketing module and intranet, without breaking your flow by forcing you to switch screens or applications.
  • Customizable performance reports. Different businesses value different metrics, which is why rigid reporting simply won’t do. Even franchise software systems designed for your specific industry may omit details your business can’t live without.
    And that’s why customizable performance reports are so important. We worked hard on our reporting software and the final product is extremely flexible. Not only can you specify how your reports are calibrated; you can also adjust what metrics you monitor in real-time on our quick-glance dashboard. If you want, you can be alerted anytime a targeted metric moves, which means no more missed opportunities.
  • Field service management. The best franchise software systems streamline the “macro” and the “micro” of your business. In addition to corporate-level management tools, your franchise software should empower your reach, oversight, and efficiency when it comes to day-to-day operations.
    Our field service management lets you manage and complete essential daily operations from anywhere using your mobile device. Create and assign new jobs for field reps; notify all relevant parties of scheduling matters; geo-locate reps in seconds; monitor availability; sign off on jobs; even process invoices and port financial info over to Quickbooks instantly.
    As with all modular software we offer, FranchiseSoft’s field service management integrates into the Franchise CRM to add a whole host of additional features.

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