The Role of an Employee Management Software for a Franchisor

The Role of an Employee Management Software for a Franchisor

Feb 20,2017 By

In order to focus on managing your franchise, growing it, and marketing to both customers/clients as well as prospective franchise buyers, you cannot spend too much time managing your employees. But employee management is as vital to the success of a franchise as anything else, so you cannot afford to overlook it. This is where we see the importance of efficient and easy-to-use employee management software. Your employees need access to a variety of types of information, but as an employer, you cannot put all of your effort into handling and organizing employees. Employee management software that streamlines tasks, simplifies communication, and that just generally simplifies everything out, can make a wealth of difference to the success of a franchise.

Employee management software

Managing your employees is as important for the success of your franchise as it can be difficult. As your franchise grows, it can become increasingly tricky to keep track of what everybody is doing, where they are, and what they are supposed to be doing.  This is true for everybody within the franchise chain, from the franchisor employees to the employees of your franchisees. And this is why an employee management franchise software can make or break your business. Good employee management software will streamline a variety of tasks and operations and simplify the whole process, allowing you, the franchisor, to get back to dealing with other matters. But you need to get an intuitive and efficient employee management software. Software that is not up to snuff or confusing to use can end up costing you more time than it saves, so you must choose wisely when deciding on an employee management software.

Employee management software from FranchiseSoft

At FranchiseSoft, not only are we attune to developing great and easy-to-use software, we also know what goes into successfully running a franchise. Our management team has actually run and operated franchises, so we have an intimate knowledge of the industry. That’s why we’ve included all the features you need for efficient employee management in our employee management software. The features of our employee management module include:

  • Simplified communication with all or some employees
  • Schedules for tasks and events related to employees
  • Intuitive documentation of all communication shared with each employee
  • Employee management calendars, with the most recent staff availability
  • Elimination of scheduling conflicts with the immediate notice of overlapping shifts, overtime, and so on
  • Elimination of schedule-related absence, by giving employees constant access to their schedules and shift changes
  • Creation of schedules free of conflicts, shift copying, importing schedules from other sources, and more
  • Sharing of scheduling responsibilities, by allowing employees to set availability and trade shifts, and spend less time managing schedules
  • A visual and interactive approach to scheduling, engaging employees in the scheduling process
  • Real time updates of schedules, ensuring that schedules are not lost or unsaved
  • Simple tracking of employee start and end times
  • Generated payroll files, which are export compatible with most payroll vendors
  • Dynamic reports on employee operations
  • A mobile and tablet app that provides employee contact information, employee work schedules, hours worked, and gives employees a comprehensive way to view and set their schedules
  • SMS and email reminders sent to employees to remind them of shifts, changes, and so on

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