A Top-Down Look at Franchise Management Systems in 2018

A Top-Down Look at Franchise Management Systems in 2018

Oct 12,2018 By

According to information processing theory, a top-down approach is defined as the breaking down of a system to gain insight into its compositional sub-systems.

Today’s post takes a top-down look at the “subsystems” (or modules, as we call them) that make our franchise management systems so effective. Read on to find out what our franchise management systems can do for you, and what to expect from similar software solutions in 2018.

Franchise Management Systems for Franchisors

Naturally, our top-down look at franchise management systems starts with the head honcho–that’s you, the franchisor–in mind.

Here’s a look at some of the ways our franchise management systems make it easier to build and convert leads, onboard new franchisees, promote system adherence, and enhance overall brand performance:

  • Break into new markets with better market research and monitoring. Auto-generated pipeline reports pinpoint looming threats and hidden opportunities, while real-time franchise monitoring helps you spot sales plateaus that indicate it’s time to penetrate new territory.
  • Build more leads with franchise development tools designed to make your ads more engaging and streamline contact with lead brokers.
  • Effortlessly move prospects through your workflow with tools that monitor and spur their progress through the sales cycle. Set up automated emails that welcome, orient, and call new leads to action; design custom virtual brochures that showcase your franchise opportunity with compelling videos, imagery, and market details; assign “homework” and to-do lists for candidates, and monitor their progress and preparation with powerful back-end analytics. All of this can be done from your mobile device, without any additional third-party software or add-ons, and can be easily delegated to other representatives in your organization.
  • Decrease onboarding time while improving retention. Create training courses, assign them to new entrants, and monitor their progress with powerful back-end analytics that can tell you how much time they’ve invested, where they got stuck, and so on. Upload training and franchise materials to your private Intranet so that new candidates can access the “cheat sheets” any time problems arise.
  • Promote system adherence. Powerful franchise performance monitoring tools help you spot potential problems fast. In cases where your franchisees have strayed from the path, share Intranet resources and assign training courses with a single click to improve their compliance.
  • Improve your brand’s support center. Create a FAQ list where you can answer common questions and get ahead of potential problems. This not only puts valuable information in the hands of your franchisees, but also frees up support staff to focus on more urgent calls for help. Our powerful ticketing system sends your request directly to the most relevant department, and ensures that urgent requests are pushed to the front of the queue.

Franchise Management Systems for Franchisees

Our franchise management systems also give individual franchisees a variety of tools to improve operations, training outcomes, advertising, and customer relations on the front lines. For example:

  • Field service management software to handle all aspects of your daily service-based operations. Create and assign new jobs from any device to field jobs; geo-locate your staff on a central dashboard to cut response times down to size; sign-off on completed work, then send and process your invoice, all from your mobile device; and much more.
  • Customer management software that automatically converts lead profiles to customers, streamlines appointment scheduling and customer communications, documents all customer correspondence to reduce liability or quickly bring sales reps up to speed, and more.
  • Single-unit franchise management systems to keep track of current employees’ schedules, hours, performance, payroll, and more.

Hungry for more info on our franchise management systems? Visit https://franchisesoft.com/contact-us to have all your questions answered in plain English–no jargon, no high-pressure sales pitches–and take a virtual walkthrough while you’re at it!