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Why Modern Franchise Software Solutions Rule

Feb 09,2018 By

Today’s post offers one example of why fully-integrated, “holistic” franchise software solutions are superior to the old-school approach to franchise development and lead outreach.

Imagine a lead-capturing race against the clock…

As head of franchise development, it’s your job to bring in new franchisees.

You discover a lead portal that’s attracting lots of interested entrepreneurial types. And somehow you’re the only franchisor who’s found it, at least so far. There’s a veritable goldmine of leads waiting for you, but time is running out…
Your objective? To connect with as many of these leads as possible within the next 60 minutes.

Let’s try the old-fashioned way…

First of all, the old-fashioned way relies on dumb luck to uncover the kind of hypothetical opportunity we’re currently working with. You’d just have to hope that you “hit the lottery” one day, searching for new lead portals at exactly the right time using exactly the right keywords.

But let’s assume you somehow stumbled across this opportunity.

The old-fashioned way involves manually clicking around the lead portal and trying to screen eligible candidates. Sure, this might take up 10-20 minutes, but you end up with a shortlist of quality leads.

Time to do some research. Assuming you’ve already completed the hours of studying, analyzing, and interpreting involved in demographic research, it’s time to break out the fine-toothed comb to learn something about your candidates you can use to make a connection. Let’s be generous and pretend we can get this done in 20 minutes.

That leaves 20 minutes or so to hammer out warm, engaging, high-value emails for every single person on the shortlist. Don’t forget we still have to swap back and forth between the lead portal and email window to fill out contact details one-by-one.

How many meaningful connections do you think you’ll be making in the 60 minutes before your competition crashes the party?


Now what if we used fully-integrated franchise software solutions?

Same scenario, way better tools.

In this scenario, we’re automatically alerted to this lead portal opportunity. In fact, our auto-generated pipeline reports likely tipped us off well ahead of the competition, so you’d probably have more time to work with. But let’s stick to the original time frame; same scenario, way better tools.

You turn on your franchise software solutions to find that leads have been automatically populated for you. From your mobile device, you now have full access to all pertinent leads, details, contacts, and calendars.

Let’s allot 30 seconds for this step to account for software start-up time.

You now have 59 minutes and 30 seconds to work on your outreach before the competition arrives.

And our franchise software solutions will help you get a lot done.

If you want to send out standardized information packets to everyone on your list, it only takes a few clicks. But if you want to really dig into some custom emails, our beautiful custom templates make it easy to get started. Reference specific lead details, contact info, and all previous correspondence to make each email feel special and personalized, all without ever having to switch windows or change apps.

Why holistic franchise software solutions rule:

The bottom-line is that holistic franchise software solutions are more efficient. You avoid the hassle of compatibility issues, individual updates, and porting data from one program to another, and get many more opportunities to automate low-value tasks. Learn more at