3 Undeniable Reasons to Virtualize Your Franchise Management Services in 2019

3 Undeniable Reasons to Virtualize Your Franchise Management Services in 2019

Oct 04,2019 By

At FranchiseSoft, we specialize in virtualizing franchise management services because we truly believe it helps brands increase sales, reach higher customer and franchisee satisfaction levels, and improve reporting visibility.

If you’re considering virtualizing your brand management, today’s post is for you. Our team has put together a quick rundown of 3 undeniable reasons you should consider virtualizing your franchise management in 2019.

Let’s begin!

#1 — Empower Employees Through Effective Delegation

When franchise owners empower their employees, productivity and morale increases, and people start to care more about their work.

According to business management research, the act of empowering includes:

  • Increasing employee accountabilities
  • Supporting employees to make decisions
  • Allowing employees to be self-directed

Unfortunately, many employers feel that they lack the resources to “safely” empower their employees via delegation. Indeed, entrusting workers with important tasks like scheduling without the right checks and balances in place can be a recipe for disaster.

But virtualizing your franchise management services with FranchiseSoft makes effective delegation simple and stress-free.

Take scheduling for instance. Giving your employees control of their schedule is a surefire way to empower them, and FranchiseSoft ensures it all runs smoothly.

Our solution allows any authorized worker to modify the schedule, whether they’re trading shifts or indicating absences, and all affected parties are instantly notified of any changes. You are also instantly notified of any overlapping shifts, overtime hours, and other conflicts that may arise.

In this way, our solution empowers employees with foolproof delegation, which is something any management team can appreciate!

#2 — Simplify Basic Managerial Duties To Add Hours To The Day

The people you put in charge of your franchise management services are supposed to be your experts, your specialists, your brand authorities. So why would you squander their expertise on time-consuming administrative tasks when they could be troubleshooting bigger problems?

Virtualizing your franchise management services with FranchiseSoft effectively adds hours to the work day by making payroll, schedule reviews, shift management, and employee communications easier than ever.

We offer the following features to make your daily management tasks easier:

  • Powerful scheduling tools that can be modified from any mobile device
  • Automatic schedule reviews to guarantee work calendars free of conflicts, overlap, and overtime
  • Simple tracking of employee start and end times
  • Automatically generated payroll files, which are export compatible with most payroll vendors
  • Dynamic reports on employee operations
  • Automatic SMS and email reminders sent to employees to remind them of shifts, changes, and so on
  • Instant communication with any employee via SMS, email, internal messaging, or phone, all from a single dashboard

#3 — Give Better Performance Reviews

Whether formal or informal, and conducted by franchisee or franchisor, performance reviews are an important part of business management. They help managers determine who deserves a raise, who needs extra training or a marketing push, and who is accountable for errors and oversights.

The fastest way to level-up your performance reviews is by virtualizing your franchise management services. That’s because we automatically archive all workplace and client correspondence, keep dynamic reports on employee operations, layout nationwide franchise performance measurements on intuitive dashboards, and auto-generate regular reports stuffed with key performance indicators (KPIs). All this data leads to better performance reviews, so you can pinpoint star performers or weak links and act accordingly.

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