Franchise Management Services: Improving Systems At Every Level

Franchise Management Services: Improving Systems At Every Level

Mar 04,2019 By

Looking to level-up your franchise management services? Look no further than FranchiseSoft.

Today’s post explains how our solution promotes better management both in-store and franchise-wide.

Frontline Franchise Management Services

A business is no stronger than its weakest link, which is why your franchise management solution needs frontline functionality. Improving franchise-wide communication, analytics, performance monitoring, and onboarding is important, but no amount of upper-level optimization can compensate for a subpar product or service.

FranchiseSoft offers plenty of value for the frontline franchisee.

Our virtual franchise management services do wonders for training outcomes and support. Create and assign custom training materials, then monitor the employee’s progress in real-time or any time. Give all employees instant access to collective knowledge for better problem-solving using our solution’s instant messaging and support tickets. Upload guides and other reference materials to your private Intranet library to help employees in a pinch.

FranchiseSoft also improves service delivery via the field service management module. Features include:

  • Powerful Scheduling Tools. Tired of employees missing scheduled appointments? Could your current process do more to keep the customer informed? Do you give people that dreaded 2, 3, or 4-hour window when estimating your arrival?FranchiseSoft improves communication and transparency, while eliminating a significant amount of scheduling tasks so you can focus on other administrative duties.When a job rolls in, you can quickly geo-locate nearby reps, then create and assign new jobs from any device. Employees and clients will be automatically notified about the appointment you set, and will be prompted to confirm right away. Clients can keep in touch with their assigned employee in case any questions arise or plans change. All communication is easily documented to keep both parties accountable and minimize liability.

    You can also hand over scheduling duties to your staff with no worries. Our foolproof scheduling tool automatically alerts you of any conflicts or overtime hours, while letting staff view and structure their availability as needed.

  • Easy Jobs-to-Invoice. Assign jobs using a centralized call center or right from the palm of your hand. Field reps will get a notification that requires confirmation. Once the work is complete, field reps can upload high-quality pictures of their job-well-done, receive sign-off from clients, create the invoice, then collect payment either on-site or online.
  • Better Reporting. Complete reporting on client satisfaction by field rep, revenue by field rep, and much more. All data is compiled in intuitive reports that let you assess weak links, exciting opportunities, and upcoming threats at a glance.

Big-picture Franchise Management Services

In addition to our frontline functionality, FranchiseSoft gives franchisors powerful modules to manage corporate level strategy, including:

  • Franchise Development. Customize franchise sales processes, auto-generate pipeline reports, generate leads automatically, and communicate effortlessly with brokers to find the right people to build your brand.
  • Franchise Performance. Simplify the management of royalty fees, ACH integration, collection of P&L data, Franchise Count for Item 20 in the FDD, and territory systems. Use a combination of real-time monitoring and auto-generated reports with key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine where your expertise is needed at a glance.
  • Franchise Support. Automate frequent tasks, track key metrics, and reduce the time and effort needed to support franchises with our Franchise Support module. We offer attractive and simple self-service, an effective ticketing system that includes automated assignment and closure, a secure help desk for support, instructional videos and step-by-step reference materials, updatable FAQs for repeated tasks, and more.

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