Franchise Lead Generation Software That Actually Works: 2 Key Features in Review

Franchise Lead Generation Software That Actually Works: 2 Key Features in Review

Aug 22,2018 By

Tired of empty promises from your franchise lead generation software? So were we – so we built something that actually works!

Today’s post spotlights 2 key FranchiseSoft features that will help you generate more quality candidates interested in your franchise opportunity.

Tag-team lead management for superhuman sales power

Did you ever watch those hammy tag-team wrestling matches as a kid?

When tag-team wrestling duos fought, only one competitor per team was allowed in the ring at a time. At any point, the active competitor could “tag out” by “tagging in” a partner with some kind of physical contact, usually a high-five. Much of the drama and excitement of these matches came during these trade-offs, as one exhausted partner struggled to tag their partner in at the last second, turning the tide.

Sometimes pro wrestling shows took the tag-team gimmick one step further, pitting duos against single opponents, who quickly became exhausted and overwhelmed as fresh challengers rotated in.

Okay, by now you’re asking, what does this have to do with franchise lead generation software?

FranchiseSoft’s lead management system effectively lets you “tag-team” as the point of contact for potential buyers. If at some point you have to step away from your mobile device while interacting with a vendor or lead, a colleague can jump right in and pick up where you left off – even if they haven’t spoken with this individual before.

This tag-team functionality is possible because of our detailed documentation and 360-degree lead profiles. Relevant company info, names, phone numbers, email, investment information, inquiry dates, lead sources, and any other data your colleague needs to close is at their fingertips. And all correspondence is logged so authorized stand-ins can quickly get brought up to speed.

In this way, our franchise lead generation software brings your lead conversion capacity to superhuman levels; our tag-team functionality means you can give each potential buyer more care, attention, and expeditious service than would normally be possible for a single representative.

Admittedly, the tag-team metaphor is a little crude; nobody’s trying to brow beat leads until they “submit” to a sale. Maybe you’d like to think of it more as a means of maximizing your ability to serve and inform potential clients. Whatever you want to call it, it’s unquestionably an effective way to keep leads engaged and progressing through the sales cycle.

Quality reporting and parsing lead profiles for cost-effective marketing

As any marketer will tell you, one of the keys to effective advertising is making sure you’re working off of quality metrics. If you know details about who is most likely to buy your product or invest – average age, investment capital, and education level, for example – you can target this audience and get more “bang” for your marketing buck. This “laser-focused” approach is much more cost-effective than the “scattershot” alternative, where you simply fire off ads in a general area or demographic and hope something sticks.

So if you want more cost-effective lead generation, you need to analyze your records.

Our franchise lead generation software makes it easy to document all relevant lead information, from their names and inquiry date down to the amount of cash they currently have available for investment. Store all this useful data on the cloud and keep it at your fingertips for your next big marketing push.

Better still, these lead profiles sort automatically, parsing lead information into a lead list so you can search by specific data points. Sort your leads by source to see who your top draws are and how your PPC is paying off; sort by investment capital to see who’s got the means for your next big opportunity; or sort by their stage in your workflow to see which prospects need a bit of love.

Ready for the main course?

These two features are only appetizers. Visit to learn about all the “entrée-level” features our franchise lead generation software has to offer.