Beyond the Catchall: Concrete Franchise Solutions That Will Save You Money

Beyond the Catchall: Concrete Franchise Solutions That Will Save You Money

Oct 16,2018 By

If you’ve spent any time researching software for franchise development, field service management, lead generation, and the like, you’ve probably heard or read the catchall in question once or twice–”franchise solutions.”

“We have franchise solutions!” It’s perfect for marketing copy because it tells the reader you’ve got the answer to their problems, without having to describe any specific problems or answers. But it’s terrible for the end-user for those very same reasons.

FranchiseSoft is about transparency, as well as empowering franchise owners, which is why we’re taking this blog beyond the catchall and talking real franchise solutions.

Today’s post is all about specific, concrete “franchise solutions” that will save you money and put winning business theories into practice.

Stop Losing Leads and Squandering Sales

Jeff Bullas, a top influence of Chief Marketing Officers and one of Entrepreneur magazine’s top-50 online marketing influencers to watch, shared 20 smart lead generation strategies in a recent blog post.

All 20 tips are great, but sharing so many concepts still doesn’t help with the execution.

So let’stalk aboutsome specific ways our franchise solutions put Bullas’ theory into practice.

First, know that Bullas’ number-one suggestion is to “directly engage with leads.” The author pinpoints a problematic tendency: passive, or in-direct, lead engagement. Too many businesses rely on FAQs, landing pages, and singular blogs like these to pull in leads.

And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with indirect lead generation (it’ll get you some leads, after all), relying solely on this form of engagement is not optimal. Human beings are social creatures by nature, so why not tap into that with your lead engagement?

Directly engaging with leads via live chat and help centers makes a big difference. Speaking with somebody is naturally more engaging than any FAQ or landing page could ever be. That’s why we designed our franchise solutions to make direct communication easy–SMS, email, and phone messaging is consolidated into a single app, along with all correspondence. Plus our comprehensive profiles and Lead List search functionality make it easy to sort and track your leads when it’s time to reach out.

But what if you could automate direct engagement, getting all the benefits with none of the work? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

FranchiseSoft’s email campaign planning tools make it work. We can show you how to set up automatic emails that are sent to the lead as they reach certain points in your sales process. For example, once they enter into the system, they’re sent a welcome email that provides information on next steps, along with contact information. By designing these emails to be sent in response to specific user actions, your message doesn’t feel like a template–it feels like direct engagement. And at the same time, on the franchisor’s end, a task is auto-created and added to the To-Do List, so when you do have time to speak directly with a lead, you can.

Our franchise solutions also ensure seamless direct lead engagement, even when you have to step away from the helm. All correspondence is archived, and our lead profiles put key information at your fingertips, so any representative can pick up where you left off and keep the conversation going.

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