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3 Benefits of Implementing a Franchise CRM

Nov 10,2017 By


Today’s post covers 3 benefits of implementing a franchise CRM that apply to franchisees and franchisors in any industry.

Cut paper work out of your life.

If you’ve been running a franchise for some time without a franchise CRM, you probably don’t want to know how much time you’ve wasted manually completing paperwork. Indeed, one of the primary benefits of implementing a franchise CRM is the virtualization of your records, back-office information, and bookkeeping details, which allows you to automate time-consuming tasks and improve intra-franchise transparency with easy sharing.

Generate more leads for franchisees and franchisors.

For the franchisee, implementing a franchise CRM is one of the best ways to boost your lead generation, without distracting you from pursuing existing prospects.

First, our Marketing Module lays out all the information you need to keep your local advertising fluid, focused, and highly relevant, putting critical market metrics at your fingertips in user-friendly reports that highlight which demographics respond best to your message.

Once you’ve pinpointed your target audience, FranchiseSoft makes email and direct marketing campaigns easy with an intuitive user interface that can be accessed from any mobile device, so you can focus on crafting the best message while your competitors fumble around with clunky software.

Likewise, our Franchise Development Module optimizes franchisor outreach efforts to help you grow your brand. FranchiseSoft delivers customized, auto-generated pipeline reports to your email to keep you informed of key metrics and demographic developments, and gets your offer “out there” faster via seamless integration with all popular lead portals.

In either case, FranchiseSoft’s franchise CRM streamlines lead follow-up so you can focus on the conversion process itself. Our custom templates for email campaigns takes the guesswork out of lead outreach, and standardize the information prospects will receive in a manner you’d expect from a consistency-oriented franchise. Our franchise CRM also keeps detailed records of your correspondence that can be accessed so you can make every prospect feel special and pick up right where you left off.

By simplifying tough tasks and automating as much as possible, our franchise CRM saves your mental focus for the day-to-day operations and big-picture planning that really counts.

Complete quality assurance (QA) without being a “helicopter employer.”

Helicopter parents are what educators call parents who micromanage their child’s experiences and problems, usually to the point of impacting development. Teachers have known for years that you cannot hold students’ hands and expect them to become functionally independent, and the same is true in the workforce.

FranchiseSoft’s Employee Management Module was designed by current and former franchise owners who understand the need for QA, but wanted to avoid the blowback that some business owners experience when they start over-managing employees. Though consistency and quality are important for every franchise, these cannot come at the expense of employee morale, which is usually how it goes when managers suffocate their employees with non-stop check-ins.

Rather than hiring an overbearing manager to check-in on every job to ensure quality standards are met, our franchise CRM allows you to track employee start and end times, review reports on operations, and look over communication between clients and employees. This ensures standards are met and your product or service stay consistent, without making your employee feel like they need to be looked after. Moreover, our franchise CRM empowers employees, giving them the tools to manage their own schedules, should their employers desire it.

Learn how a franchise CRM can help you in your specific industry – visit to read about specific applications for all kinds of businesses.