6 Surprising Franchise Software Benefits

6 Surprising Franchise Software Benefits

Mar 05,2018 By

You’re researching franchise software, which means you’ve probably heard all the features they have to offer by now. But what those sales pitch-style reports lack is real insights about how franchise software improves your day-to-day life. As a result, these benefits often come as a surprise to users.

But today, we’re ruining the surprise to give you a clear picture of the benefits of franchise software before you buy. Read on to learn 6 surprising, concrete, real-life improvements that franchise software will have on your business.

  • Bring your A-game to critical tasks. You used to spend hours and endless mental energy on menial data-entry tasks. Reposting opportunities to lead portals; inputting customer information; manually processing payments – it’s all low-level work that’s as time-consuming and tedious as it is essential.But with the right franchise software, you can automate these dreary tasks and redirect your mental energy to important tasks, like closing sales.
  • Lightning-fast payment processing. Invoicing delays freeze your franchise’s cash flow. Especially early on, these delays tend to snowball; tying up capital you were counting on for marketing and R&D initiatives.Invoicing delays occur for different reasons, some of which cannot be controlled. But our field service management module makes sure you never miss an invoicing opportunity because of issues with tech, processing, or payment forms.That’s because our franchise software lets you invoice on-site and collect payment on the spot, using whatever payment mode your client prefers. Alternately, the franchise office can issue an invoice remotely and collect the payment entirely online, saving your reps even more time. This is a great option for franchises employing highly trained specialists whose time is better spent on skilled labour than payment processing.You’ll enjoy these process perks on the back-end too, as our franchise software is 100% integrated with Quickbooks. That means no repetitive data entry work and zero chance of human error fudging your numbers. Info for every payment you process is ported directly into your books before your field rep pulls back into the office.
  • Increased client satisfaction. Our franchise software makes your processes more efficient, which benefits both sides of the business equation. In the same way you’ll appreciate speedier payment processing, quicker correspondence, and effortless scheduling, so too will your clients.
  • Better long-term planning. Planning for the future is a whole lot easier when you have automated pipeline reports being sent to your inbox and stored in a secure digital library. These reports draw key performance metrics from every module, laying out valuable data on marketing, payment processing, employee performance, franchise performance, and everything else you need for better planning and execution. Authorized users can access reports from any internet-enabled device and find needles in haystacks of consolidated business data with a powerful and intuitive search tool.
  • Boost team morale. Positive employee morale is linked to improved productivity and client satisfaction. Imagine a workplace with none of the tension that stems from scheduling mistakes or disagreements about how to approach a task. Our franchise software makes this a reality: our intuitive, cloud-based scheduler alerts all employees to calendar changes and upcoming shifts, and storing all franchise training materials in a digital library lets employees quickly reference manuals to solve any process disputes. But like any relationship, the key to happier employees is healthy communication, which our consolidated messaging app and franchisee forums nurture.
  • Unprecedented mobility. With the modern internet capabilities of mobile devices, you can now transform any space in a workspace. Access micro and macro-scale reports for planning purposes, manage employees in real-time, or pick up where you left off with promising leads from anywhere, all using the same franchise software that powers your company.

Surprise: these 6 benefits have hardly scratched the surface of what franchise software truly has to offer.
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