Facilitating Cooperation and Boosting Sales with Franchise Communication Software

Facilitating Cooperation and Boosting Sales with Franchise Communication Software

Sep 12,2018 By

Any good franchise communication software should hang its hat on the ability to facilitate greater intra-franchise cooperation.

But that’s not all that makes franchise communication software worthwhile. Your software should also facilitate greater engagement with your customer base. With that in mind, today’s post spotlights two ways that franchise communication software can your franchisees boost sales and secure more repeat customers.

Optimize Customers’ Preferred Mode of Contact

56% of customers want to text with businesses, according to a recent study titled “The State of Two-Way Business Texting,” which polled over 500 consumers and 250 small business owners to gain deeper insights on attitudes and behaviors regarding business-to-consumer (B2C) communications.

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, considering the ubiquity of texting these days. The majority of Americans own a mobile phone – 95% according to a Pew Research Center fact sheet. And as we continue to move towards a mobile-first world, consumers demand the option of communicating with businesses in the same way that they prefer to reach out to friends and family.

For those who have appropriate franchise communication software in place, this growing consumer preference for texting correspondence is a good thing. Texting is faster, cheaper, and boasts a 98% open rate, making it a much better option for important updates and scheduling changes.

With FranchiseSoft’s communication software, you can log, review, and send messages in any format – SMS, email, or phone – all from a single messaging hub. All correspondence is saved and placed at your fingertips so you can pick up right where you left off converting a lead, making a sale, or addressing a customer concern. Alternately, this feature gives you the ability to hand that same customer relations task off to another representative without compromising on service quality, since they can quickly be brought up to speed by reading over the logged conversation.

In this way, our franchise communication software helps you optimize your customers’ preferred mode of contact, without having to go to the trouble of converting your landline to receive texts.

Take Advantage of Innovative Chat Marketing Techniques

As mentioned previously, text messaging has an incredible open rate of 98%. That’s the kind of engagement that email marketing campaigns can only dream of.

‘Chat marketing’ is one part of a massive shift in the marketing paradigm that is turning everything customer-centric. Earlier this month, APN News published an article that praised “chat marketing” for its ability to double the Client Conversion Rate and grow businesses exponentially.

You might be familiar with the earliest iteration of customer-centric chat marketing: the Web Assistant. Upon arriving at a company webpage or support module’s help desk, you see a small window waiting in the bottom corner of the screen. A virtual assistant offers help with any queries, and, when engaged by the user, initiates a live chat with a support representative.

Today, chat marketing has spread to social media and smartphones, as well. Using multi-platform messaging and a powerful ticketing system, our franchise communication software brings the benefits of customer-centric chat marketing to almost any service or web asset, so that your clients always feel like their needs come first. Whether the user wants to submit a ticket, contact the help desk, or speak directly with the service technician scheduled to arrive that day, FranchiseSoft makes it possible.

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