Get More for Less in Franchising: The Value of Multi-Level Franchise Management Systems

Get More for Less in Franchising: The Value of Multi-Level Franchise Management Systems

Dec 17,2018 By

Today’s post explains how our franchise management systems gives users multi-level functionality for one low price. Read on to learn how FranchiseSoft can level-up the operations of your entire franchise family.

Leveraging the Classic BOGOF Bargain

Is there anything better than getting two items for the price of one?

Movies tickets, draught beer, funny hats–everything is sweeter when you can “buy one, get one free” (BOGOF).

And what’s better than BOGOF franchise management systems?

IT budgets are notorious points of contention. Nobody likes overspending on software, but IT expenses keep rising higher in the Information Age. According to Gartner’s latest worldwide IT spending forecast, businesses around the world spent $3.6 trillion on software this year alone. That’s up 2.4% since 2017, and software spending is projected to keep growing for the foreseeable future.

That’s why business owners are always willing to listen when it comes to software savings. And why FranchiseSoft is so popular in the franchising world.

As you’ll see, our franchise management systems’ multi-level functionality can save your business big money while providing big value on every level of operations. If you’d rather skip the preamble and speak with a representative directly, you can book a free franchise management system walkthrough here.

“Micro-Level” Franchise Management System Functionality

  • Field Service Management. Manage scheduling, field rep sign-offs, on-site job reporting, and more remotely from a single app. Automatically track lead and referral sources, and reach out to individual employees to offer support or simply check in with a few clicks.
  • Marketing. Automate your market research and streamline your franchise website management. Build better ads and email marketing campaigns to improve your outreach and crack into new markets. Synchronize all social media assets in one quick and easy process for smarter account management.
  • Employee Management. Micromanage or automate employee schedules with profound functionality. Ensure that schedules are never plagued by overlap, conflicts, unauthorized overtime, or missed shifts with a powerful system of alerts. Simplify payroll files and employee start/end times. Cut down managerial “busy-work” with an arsenal of automated reminders to keep employees on-task.
  • Customer Management. Connect better with clients, consolidating all communications into a single app that works for SMS, email, and phone calls (and automatically archives all correspondence for easy reference!). Improve revenue reports processing, generate detailed reports on customers operations, and move prospects through the sales cycle more efficiently with customer-side task and event scheduling.

“Macro-Level” Franchise Management System Functionality

  • Simplify management of processing of royalties and other fees
  • ACH integration in processing royalties to enable an organization’s software application for origination of eCheck transactions and call reporting data for account reconciliation
  • Complete disclosure duties faster and easier with tools to simplify Franchise Count for Item 20 in the FDD
  • Consolidate all management of franchise areas and territory systems–one app, one device, accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • Simplified collection of P&L, with data broken down by product cost, labor cost, gross margin, operating expenses, non-store/over store expenses, net income and more for easy analysis
  • Intuitive dashboard that let you track and analyze key performance indicators and trends, or monitor individual franchise performance in real-time
  • Dynamic reports auto-generated on a custom schedule to help you identify relevant opportunities and avoid serious threats

Learn more about FranchiseSoft’s franchise management systems–book a free walkthrough and explore the ways our solutions can help at