6 Ways FranchiseSoft Streamlines Franchise Management

6 Ways FranchiseSoft Streamlines Franchise Management

Dec 06,2017 By

Today’s post shares 6 (okay, 7) ways that FranchiseSoft’s franchise management software streamlines crucial franchisor tasks.

  1. Track active franchisees. Our cloud-based franchise management software consolidates all franchisee metrics into a powerful dashboard you can monitor in real time. Dashboards contain counts by year charts, system summary charts, and much more.
  2. Simplify franchisee onboarding. Onboarding typically requires talented multi-taskers who can coordinate multiple departments and people. But our franchise management software is designed to simplify and speed up the entire process. By managing all onboarding tasks in a single platform, you eliminate redundancy and instantly increase your organizational visibility by sharing task progress (pending, in progress, complete, and so on) as you go.
  3. Centralize your operations management. With your entire network running on the same software, vast operations management can be conducted from a single dashboard. Easily search for intra-franchise information, even internationally; ensure compliance from all franchisees with history logs and contract monitoring tools; track the progress of development campaigns, including onboarding; access your reports instantly; and reach out via SMS or email to anyone on the brand roster.
  4. Develop and disseminate your training program. Upload and share all of your franchise’s training content on a single platform, and alert your entire franchise network to changes instantly. As your changes are implemented, you can post training news and updates to motivate your franchisees in your Digital Library.
  5. Manage territories with greater effect. Our software is designed by current and former franchise owners who understand territory systems. We developed solutions to ensure easy management of territories awarded, and even remind you of anniversary dates.
  6. Automate more than ever. As any franchise management professional will tell you, this job involves looking at a lot of data. But it shouldn’t involve entering a lot of data. Our franchise management software automatically generates key summary reports with data synthesized from all software modules so you can focus on interpreting the data rather than typing it up.

BONUS for FRANCHISEES: Give your franchise management staff powerful and dynamic tools.

For franchisees, optimizing franchise management has nothing to do with tracking active owners or managing territories; it’s about implementing tools and strategies that make their management staff more effective on the front line.

These are some examples of what our software lets your franchise management staff do:

  • Create and assign new jobs or modify work schedules from any internet-capable device. Once the update is made, instantly send a text or email notification to customers and employees.
  • Eliminate scheduling errors with intuitive, visually engaging calendars that update in real time and instantly alert you of any conflicts. Cloud-based schedule storage stops calendars from every being lost.
  • Share scheduling responsibilities by allowing employees to trade shifts with full tracking, transparency, and accountability.
  • Track and assess the performance of individual staff members using customer satisfaction rating, revenue by field rep, and more.
  • Sign off on jobs remotely.
  • Reference or update the franchise’s entire Digital Library of training materials from anywhere with internet access.
  • Streamline the payroll process.
  • Instantly communicate with clients and staff via integrated SMS and email messaging, with full access to stored correspondence so they can pick up right where they left off.

Find out what else our franchise management software is capable of, or explore another one of our nine franchise solutions at https://www.franchisesoft.com.