How to Integrate Toast and iConnect for Point of Sale Functionality with Franchise Management Software?

How to Integrate Toast and iConnect for Point of Sale Functionality with Franchise Management Software?

Jan 27,2020 By

Today’s post runs down the process and benefits of integration Toast and iConnect for point of sale functionality using our award-winning franchise management software.

If that all sounds like techy mumbo, jumbo, don’t despair: we break it down from a beginner’s point of view in plain English below!

What Is Toast?

Toast is a cloud-based, restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS) management system that debuted in 2013.

Toast point of sale integration gives operations managers and franchisors incredible real-time financial reporting and payment processing capabilities, along with back-of-house and guest-facing technology that links up with a diverse marketplace of third-party applications.

Why Use Toast?

Toast offers a number of significant competitive advantages for restaurant franchise owners, including:

  • Flat rate pricing – simple and competitive flat rates on all transactions
  • Intuitive software – like our franchise management software, Toast is designed to be picked up quickly so it starts benefitting your business right away
  • No hidden fees or markups, ever
  • Support team – contact their award-winning customer service department (Stevie Award 2018 Winner) for payment and POS issues 24/7/365
  • Tableside service technology – order ready notifications, tableside payment options (EMV or Card), and tools for guest feedback collection and synthesis
  • Powerful analytics and reporting – cloud-based access to key reports and sales performance,sales summaries, product mixes, location overviews, and more
  • Menu management – cloud-based solution automatically updated menus and real-time item countdowns to keep your kitchen and servers in synch
  • Training – interactive webinars, 24/7 access to the Toast Knowledgebase, and early access to new products via the VIP Table
  • Easy to scale as your business grows
  • Robust hardware that’s designed to “withstand the rigors of the restaurant environment”

How Does Franchisesoft’s Franchise Management Software Integrate With Toast?

We designed our franchise management software to synergize beautifully with Toast.

FranchiseSoft syncs daily sales data from Toast’s POS system to generate real-time price trend and purchasing analyses that can be viewed by category, location, and more.

In this way, our franchise management software is designed to automate your data entry, which otherwise eats up expensive labor hours and keeps your company’s talent from taking on higher-level tasks.

Our franchise management software’s reporting capabilities also combine with Toast analytics to provide next-level insights for your business.

We also strengthen and streamline the supply chain, connecting with other modules and authorized third-party programs to simplify ordering from the moment you notice supply levels dwindling. Do it all from your mobile device, whether you’re on the line cooking or idling in traffic.

Our built-in franchise management software communication tools also make it easy to reach out to any restaurant franchise owners to discuss sales dips, missed opportunities, or emerging threats that data trends reveal.

Bottom-line: combining FranchiseSoft and Toast creates exponential value, with processes, tools, and solutions that complement each other and make it possible to run your entire business from the palm of your hand using any mobile device!

How Does Integration Via Franchise Management Software Benefit Users?

  • Deeper daily insights. Our seamless integration with Toast gives restaurant franchise managers deep daily insights into Cost-of-Goods-Sold (COGS), Food Cost Ratio Reports, and other critical metrics. Combine these with FranchiseSoft’s auto-generated reports and real-time dashboard reporting.
  • Automate busywork. Our franchise management software syncs all data between modules and authorized third-party software applications, which automates administrative busywork and keeps managers where they’re needed most–either on the line cooking great food, or on the floor delighting your guests!
  • Eliminate human error. Automatic data entry also eliminates the risk of human error, which can seriously complicate the monitoring and management of your franchise’s payables and profitability.
  • Lower food waste. Automating data entry frees up time for management to monitor food costs and inventory more closely, which translates to lower food wastes and costly shortages.

What Is Iconnect?

iConnect is a cloud based point-of-sale system that’s designed for franchises and other multi-unit businesses.

The iConnect Register is an all-in-one hardware, software, and EMV payments bundle that standardizes point of sale and centralized reporting across multi-site chains.

Because of its all-in-one design, iConnect helps cut down on the number of systems franchisors need to manage, just like all of our franchise management software. It works on both iOS and Android devices with a user-friendly layout and enterprise back-office.

Most payment types are accepted. Once the customer makes their payment, receipts can be printed, emailed, or even sent via SMS.

The iConnect empowers store managers to grow their customer bases safely and securely, and improve unit economics via built-in marketing tools.

The app also has a built-in loyalty program that you can use to reward your most valued customers.

And real-time reports are only ever a click away–in the words of FranchiseSoft co-creator Jamshaid Hashmi, they’re always available on-device and on-demand. Reports are auto-generated and adjusted as soon as new data enters the system, then synced to the corporate level in real-time.

How Does Franchisesoft’s Franchise Management Software Integrate With Iconnect?

In a word, seamlessly.

Not only is the integration process simple and intuitive–with more hands-free automation than you can shake a stick at–FranchiseSoft also offers complete technical support for all franchise management software users. As current and former franchise owners ourselves, our support team know exactly what it takes to integrate with iConnect, and we can walk you through the process for any franchise system.

Both corporate and franchise-level integrations allow you to add exponential value to your franchise management software and point of sale systems. Please review the previous sections on the benefits of integration and integrating with Toast to understand exactly how much value these multi-system integrations have to offer.

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