Why Choose FranchiseSoft for Your Franchise Sales CRM

Why Choose FranchiseSoft for Your Franchise Sales CRM?

Nov 20,2017 By

According to a study by Entrepreneur magazine, implementing a franchise sales CRM is associated with higher sales, better customer satisfaction ratings, and improved marketing campaign performance.

So we know franchise sales CRMs are worthwhile – now you’ve just got to find a good one.

“Best franchise sales CRM” yields 3.7-million results on Google, so how do you know who to trust?

Today, we explain why so many leading franchisors use our franchise sales CRM for their brand.

FranchiseSoft is built by and for franchises.

FranchiseSoft was created by current and former franchise owners who know the ins and outs of this unique business model. Our experience allowed us to create a franchise sales CRM that addressed problems unique to the franchising world in a way that standard business CRMs simply cannot.

FranchiseSoft is a one-stop shop for franchise software.

Our all-in-one software for franchisor and franchisee management includes modules for:

  • Franchise development – Penetrate new and existing markets, pinpoint target demographics, reach more candidates, automate administrative tasks, and make more time to interact with prospects.
  • Franchise performance – Capture more leads, measure performance, and build a stronger ROI.
  • Field service management – Track leads, schedule jobs on the go in real-time, and streamline the invoicing process.
  • Marketing– Collect important analytics, manage your franchisee websites, and optimize your email and direct marketing campaigns.
  • Employee management – Keep in touch with employees, organize workflow with employee management calendars, and automate schedule updates/reminders via SMS and email.
  • Customer management– Simplify prospect communications, streamline conversion of leads to customers, and review detailed reports on customer operations.
  • Franchise managementTrack active franchisees, manage territories, and generate key summary reports automatically.
  • Franchise supportSet your franchise’s support channels up for better training outcomes, self-service, and create instructional videos, manuals, or step-by-step procedures to integrate multiple processes.
  • IntranetCreate digital libraries for review of important franchise information, private libraries for personal use, and coordinate intra-franchise matters with streamlined messaging.

Whether you’re an emerging franchisor, a new company that’s considering expansion by franchising your business, or an established franchise owner, our franchise sales CRM can help.

FranchiseSoft provides a fully customizable franchise sales CRM.

Our franchise sales CRM is built to increase sales, improve client and user satisfaction levels, and enable full reporting and visibility for franchisor and franchisee management in any industry, which is made possible in part because of our commitment to user customization.

When you choose our franchise sales CRM, you get access to 9 different modules with a robust set of features that can be used optimize franchise operations in any industry, at any level. Not only do you get to choose which modules to implement, but you can personalize the user interface with intuitive widgets that let you put industry-relevant tools and metrics at the fore.

We encourage you to visit our blog to explore how our franchise sales CRM has been used in different industries.

FranchiseSoft provides responsive support services.

Unlike some franchise sales CRM providers whose client relationship ends the moment their software purchase is processed, FranchiseSoft offers software orientation and support services to help you skip the learning curve and access all of the benefits of our product ASAP.

FranchiseSoft has a sterling reputation for success.

FranchiseSoft is a member of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) as well as the International Franchise Association (IFA). More importantly, our franchise sales CRM has been adopted by leaders in industries ranging from senior care to kitchen remodeling. We encourage you to visit our website at https://www.franchisesoft.com to learn more about the businesses we work with, or to call 1-888-302-3676 to request a demo.