Increasing Employee Productivity with Franchise Management Software

Increasing Employee Productivity with Franchise Management Software

Feb 26,2018 By

If you’ve ever wondered how franchise management software can increase your franchise’s productivity, this post is for you. Today, we break down 3 productivity-boosting features that put money in your pocket and add hours to the work day.

Cut out unnecessary travel time.

Do you have any idea how much money travel problem cost businesses every year?

A report by the Global Business Travel Association Foundation found that travel-related delays cost the average business 2.3 lost work days and $1,475 in missed productivity and out-of-pocket expenses every single year.

Though a large chunk of this comes from air travel costs, the time and money that’s wasted driving back and forth to job sites, franchise locations, and client meetings is still substantial.

Just think of how much more productive your employees could be if there was a way to eliminate unnecessary travel time. We did, and those franchising daydreams motivated us to design our field service management software.

Our franchise management software lets field reps schedule jobs, evaluate and confirm completed work, invoice clients, and process payments from anywhere. Staff can upload pictures of complete work, which automatically alerts field reps, who are often able to assess the work online and collect payment through credit card.

You’ll also save travel time in terms of unnecessary staff meetings. Our internal messaging system is top-notch, and seamlessly integrated with SMS and email channels, so you can bring everyone up to speed without requiring trips across town.

Stop time-consuming schedule conflicts.

As you know, scheduling is a bit of a balancing act: over scheduling lands you outlandish labor costs and low staff morale, while under-scheduling creates financial stress that bleeds into staff performance.

To make matters worse, schedules are always changing; employees swap shifts and get sick all the time, and clients often cancel or push back jobs.

With all these complicating factors, it’s no wonder that schedule conflicts occur all the time.

Rather than spending valuable hours trying to hit the moving target that is staff scheduling, our franchise management software automates most of the process.

Our transparent, team-oriented system lets managers and employees adjust schedules and create/assign jobs on a shared calendar in real time. Once the change is made, all affected parties are alerted via SMS or email.

Moreover, you will automatically be alerted of any conflicts that need to be addressed. In this way, our franchise management software reduces productivity loss and eliminates human error when it comes to scheduling.

Make your franchise training faster and more effective.

FranchiseSoft’s Intranet can host all franchise training materials, which employees can access at all times to address any questions that may arise in the course of their workday. Moreover, our app keeps all users in contact via instant messaging at all times, so employees-in-training can always ask for help when they need it.

Eliminate siloed software redundancies.

Many franchises use a handful of software tools to cover their marketing, bookkeeping, reporting, and field service management. While this can work despite the extra time and money involved in buying and learning unrelated programs, it adds a lot of extra busywork.

What if you want to port your Adwords info over to Quickbooks? With siloed software, this requires a lot of typing. At best, you might get by with some copy-and-pasting, but this time saver isn’t immune to human error like FranchiseSoft.

Every module of our franchise management software is fully integrated. That means anything you see in your reports is automatically included in your bookkeeping software. Think of the time you’ll save when you can grab lead info from your contacts, check your calendar to set a date, consult your Intranet database for promotional offer info, and fire off an email to schedule the appointment, all without changing apps.

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