Is It Time for a Franchise Management Systems Upgrade?

Is It Time for a Franchise Management Systems Upgrade?

Sep 26,2018 By

Technology moves fast, but franchisors who keep up enjoy major competitive advantages.

So is it time to update your franchise management systems?

Let’s find out!

A Beginner’s Guide to Franchise Management Software

Before we dive into our franchise management systems checklist, let’s lay some groundwork. If you already know what franchise management software can do for you, or own some already, skip ahead to the next section.

Broadly speaking, franchise management software is a collaborative platform designed to optimize and empower your internal franchise management systems in a number of ways, such as:

  • streamlining communications with multi-platform message notification systems for faster problem-solving and implementation of new ideas;
  • improving information sharing and training capacities for better onboarding, adherence, and inventory control;
  • auto-generating key performance reports to help you plan big-picture business decisions;
  • and putting real-time franchise fee, sales, and marketing analytics at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

Digital franchise management systems can also help you grow your business with powerful tools for marketing, lead generation, and moving prospects through your sales cycle. The best franchise management systems also help the single-unit franchisees with field service management and customer relations modules that will take your product or service to the next level.

All that said, not all franchise management systems all created equal. Few try to do it all, preferring instead to focus on a 1-2 components of the business. Some are geared specifically for restaurants, with elaborate inventory systems and seating charts that franchisors in other industries wouldn’t use. And then there are plenty of barebones apps out there calling themselves franchise management systems when they’re really just glorified cloud calendars.

So what should you look for in franchise management systems in 2018? And how do you know whether it’s time for an upgrade?

Today’s post is not meant to tell you what’s best, but rather just share some information about how our franchise management systems have helped brands thrive. Hopefully, by showing you some of our solution’s functionality, you’ll be in a better position to evaluate your current franchise management systems. And if you want to upgrade, we can help with that, too!

Franchise Management Systems Checklist

Ready to see how your current software stacks up?

Beware any franchise management systems that lack the following 8 features:

  • Simple software integration. If it doesn’t do it all, it should work with it all. FranchiseSoft effortlessly integrates with QuickBooks, DocuSign, Authorize.Net, Dropbox, Paypal, lead-generation portals, and more.
  • Complete mobile control. Run every franchise management software module with top-down control from your mobile device.
  • Powerful franchise development tools. Capture important lead data automatically, monitor their progress through your custom-built sales cycle, and create franchise brochures to help your development team.
  • Built-in marketing functionality. Capture and share marketing data, then put it to use with a variety of tools included in our marketing module, designed by ClickTecs digital advertising experts.
  • All-in-one communications. Log and review all correspondence with leads, professional contacts, and franchisees, and reach out with SMS, email, or phone, all from the same platform.
  • All-party management. Employee, customer, and field service management tools to help you manage all parties involved in your business transaction. Schedule a job, assign it to a worker, sign off on completed work, send and process invoices, and resolve customer concerns from your mobile device.
  • Private digital library. Upload all franchise materials for training, messaging, systems, and support for easy and secure access for authorized users.
  • Streamlined support services. FranchiseSoft offers attractive and simple self-service, powerful ticketing, updatable FAQs, the ability to create your own training programs, and a secure help desk to improve your franchise support systems.

Learn More About Franchisesoft’s Franchise Management Systems Solution

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