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What Features Make the Best Franchise Management Software?

Nov 27,2017 By

Today, the FranchiseSoft team outlines 3 fundamental features of franchise management software. Whether you’re on the market for something new, or simply want to audit your current CRM to see how it stacks up against the industry standard, this post will come in handy!

Though not an exhaustive list, these are 3 standard features shared by all the best franchise management software:

An all-in-one franchise solutions to eliminate redundancies and compatibility errors

One of the major hurdles that franchises face when trying to virtualize their business is software compatibility. While the days of compatibility issues leading to system instability and potential data loss are mostly behind us, incompatible software can still create some costly redundancies. For example, if your bookkeeping software is not compatible with your marketing analytic tools, you’re forced into manual data entry duty.

After struggling with compatibility issues as current and former franchise owners, the FranchiseSoft team set out to create the best franchise management software – one that would “do it all,” thereby eliminating the need to go out and buy different programs. Our modular system seamlessly integrates common data points and is fully compatible with bookkeeping software like QuickBooks to eliminate data entry tasks and compatibility concerns.

Real-time monitoring of key business metrics

If you’re still waiting around for monthly reports, you could be missing key growth opportunities.

The best franchise management software lets head office monitor cash flow, profits, losses, and expenses in real-time from any mobile device. By keeping these metrics at your fingertips, you’re able to respond faster to threats and jump on opportunities before the competition. In the business world, this is often referred to as improving “visibility,” which literally means making important metrics more prominent and handy for the movers and shakers to see, and it’s considered to be a prerequisite for truly data-driven decision-making.

FranchiseSoft displays your businesses’ key performance indicators in real-time using an intuitive dashboard. Whether you’re a franchisee trying to comb through sales minutiae or a franchisor looking for the next market to penetrate, our fully scalable, real-time business metric monitoring will optimize your franchise’s flexibility and planning power.

A comprehensive enterprise management interface

When Dunkin’ Donuts CEO Nigel Travis wants to review the brand’s gross profit, do you think he reaches out to every single regional marketer in the country? Can you imagine how much of this man’s valuable time would be wasted typing emails, placing calls, and adding up grand totals?

When you read business insiders praising the real dollar value of task automation, this is what exactly what they mean. Why waste a specialist’s time on mundane tasks like this when simple software exists that does the same work faster, and with less chance of human error?

Running large franchises just isn’t feasible without management software that seamlessly integrates data from all branches, outlets, and territories. Comprehensive enterprise management software like ours synthesizes all relevant marketing, sales, and development data to inform any big-picture business decisions. In doing so, we automate many of the data-sorting tasks that otherwise distract regional managers and slow long-term strategic planning.

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