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Will Employee Management Software Help My Business?

Sep 11,2017 By

Employee management software has been used by national franchises as a way of improving productivity, customer satisfaction, and scheduling efficiency for years. But small business owners are still missing out, assuming that this technology is only for multinational companies with massive employee rosters.

The truth is that franchises both big and small can benefit from employee management software. Today’s post outlines four advantages of employee management software that benefit businesses of any size.

Employee management software keeps franchise families connected.

Franchise systems draw strength from numbers, as a single brand reputation will be built up by the cooperation and coordination of various franchise owners and staff members working together towards shared goals. Better communication means improved productivity, more efficient spending of marketing dollars, and outstanding customer service.

In this regard, employee management software really shines, giving franchisees and franchisors tools to keep small teams or international networks in constant contact. FranchiseSoft’s employee management module simplifies business communications by consolidating everything in a single app. Moreover, our software automatically documents all communications between employees so you can quickly refer back to important information. Whether you need to send a franchise-wide news update or deliver sensitive information to a small group of individuals, our employee management module makes it easy to reach out and get your message to those who need to hear it in real time.

Employee management software gives service-based franchises scheduling peace of mind.

Our employee management software makes it easy to create conflict-free schedules that ensure clients are serviced on time, shifts are never missed, and payroll always adds up. Employees have round-the-clock mobile access to their schedules, which update in real-time and give immediate notice of any shift changes, overlaps or understaffing. Moreover, our software alerts the employer as soon as employees enter overtime so you can manage your payroll more effectively.

Not only does our software offer greater peace of mind, but it saves employers valuable time as well. Our mobile app keeps employee contact information, work schedules, and hours worked at your fingertips. Using our employee management module, you can schedule tasks and events related to employees with a few simple clicks, or give your employees greater scheduling responsibilities by allowing them to set their availability, trade shifts, and import schedules.

Employee management software keeps workers at their best.

Combining basic tracking of employee start and end times with dynamic reporting on employee operations, employee management software gives employers powerful tools to monitor and motivate employees to ensure they’re representing your brand the way your training intended.

Employee management software automates management duties.

While certain duties will require human judgment, many administrative tasks can be automated, giving your HR staff more time to up the standards of their hiring, interviews, and staff management. To give you an example, our employee management software can automate SMS and email reminders for shift changes and schedule updates.

Similarly, while not “automated” in the classic sense, our software makes delegating scheduling tasks simple, giving employees as much (or as little) control over their scheduling as you want. Small, autonomous teams can make full use of shared scheduling responsibilities, so they can manage availability, trades, and overtime while you focus on more pressing management tasks.

Find more information on employee management software at https://www.franchisesoft.com. We’ve got dozens of free resources, videos, social media discussions, and more on-site, so dive in and see if our software is right for your business!