Level-Up Your Franchise Marketing in 2018

Level-Up Your Franchise Marketing in 2018

Dec 05,2018 By

Today’s post runs down 3 ways our franchise marketing software can level-up your sales, branding, and lead generation efforts in 2018.

Automated Reports and Powerful Analytics

Diligent research is the secret to high-level franchise marketing.

The most powerful and cost-effective campaigns are those designed with key data in-hand:

  • Who wants my product (or is interested in my franchise opportunity)?
  • What ads does my target audience respond to?
  • When is my target audience most responsive to advertising?

When you have this data in-hand, your ads generate more results for less.

Traditional market research takes a lot of time and effort. Surveys, phone interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups aren’t easy, and they only tell half the story.

Our franchise marketing software automates reporting across all modules, then synthesizes the results in clear summaries according to a schedule you set. Almost everything you do using our franchise marketing software–from lead conversations to PPC ads to email marketing campaigns–is recorded and laid out for easy review, and since data is pooled from all modules, your analysis is never siloed.

Coordinate Multi-Unit Marketing with A Few Clicks

With FranchiseSoft, it’s easy to keep everyone running their campaigns out of the same franchise marketing playbook.

Our Intranet Module allows owners to upload hard-earned marketing metrics, campaign goals, keyword info, PPC tactics, and everything else you need to a secure digital library that authorized users can access anytime, anywhere. In this way, franchisees get access to foolproof reference material to keep marketing campaigns coordinated, and can pool valuable data and best practices for collective growth. And don’t worry about “needle in a haystack syndrome”–our advanced search functions make it easy to retrieve the information you need fast.

The Intranet Module also simplifies onboarding and marketing support. Franchisors can create and assign marketing training courses, FAQs, and troubleshooting documents to help new and experienced franchisees alike. Once training materials have been assigned, franchisors can oversee their franchisees’ progress and engagement with powerful backend metrics that increase accountability and transparency within the organization. And if that’s still not enough to keep your franchisees on-task with their marketing training, automatic alerts can be set up to remind them of upcoming training course deadlines.

Simplify Budgeting and Marketing Fee Management

If your franchise offers marketing services and lead generation for franchisees, tracking fees for services rendered is imperative. Accurate marketing fee invoice and budget management is good for everyone; the franchisor gets a more cost-efficient operation, and the franchisee feels better seeing exactly what they’re paying for.

But managing marketing fees can become quite a headache when you’ve already got so many plates spinning. When you’re already trying to manage overall franchise performance, develop the brand, and collect franchise fees, time-saving solutions are worth their weight in gold.

Our franchise marketing software can help.

From the Franchisee List, franchisees can view parsed information on all finances, including marketing, tech, and royalty fees, to take in info required for big-picture budgetary decisions at a glance.

From here, franchisors can use fixed amount, percentage, and sliding scale/minimum parameters to automate billing and set up automatic alerts when actions are needed.

Everything worth your attention is compiled in detailed automated reports, and every aspect of your marketing fee management can be controlled on the go from your mobile device.

Plus our franchise marketing software automatically integrates with third-party applications for uninterrupted workflow.

Learn more about our franchise marketing solution at https://www.franchisesoft.com