Outselling the Competition with Franchise Lead Generation Software

Outselling the Competition with Franchise Lead Generation Software

Jun 25,2018 By

Today’s post highlights two ways our franchise lead generation software sets you up to outsell the competition.

Franchise lead generation software automatically creates strategic flexibility

It was Scottish poet Robert Burns who wrote that famous line, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Go oft awry.”

Poetry fan or not, you can’t deny the truth of it. In love, life, and franchising, the best laid plans often fall apart. Industry trends and paradigm-shifting tech are as unpredictable as people, which makes fixed, long-term plans untenable.

Flexibility is the key. Just this year, the Ivy Business Journal published an article naming “strategic flexibility” the most important factor for business growth. That’s definitely the case for franchise lead generation, where you’re constantly dealing with different personality types in new and evolving markets.

Staying flexible is easier said than done, of course. True strategic flexibility just isn’t possible without great metrics and constant monitoring, because you have to be able to spot threats and opportunities before you can react to them.

Before lead generation software came along, maintaining strategic flexibility required a whole lot of research time. Franchisors spent hours combing through sales and marketing reports, or else paid somebody else to do it for them.

With FranchiseSoft, the research component required for a flexible lead generation strategy is totally automated.

Once your lead profiles are set up, we crunch the numbers, monitor leads’ progress through the sales cycle, and bring major opportunities and dates (or critical oversights) to your attention. All of this data is available in real-time at the click of a button on any mobile device with internet access, and laid out in an intuitive dashboard that is fully customizable.

To give you an example, consider the way our franchise lead generation software automatically tracks and monitors your Top 5 Lead Sources.

This means you’ll know exactly where your leads are coming from, whether that’s a landing page on your website, a PDF file link, or a specific pay-per-click ad.

Having these detailed metrics on hand provides serious strategic flexibility that will help you use marketing dollars more effectively than your competition, since you’ll know at a glance which channels are cash cows, and which are the money-pits.

Franchise lead generation software helps your brand win over lead partners and influencers

In order to close sales with certain leads, you’ll need to convince their spouse or business partner about the value of your opportunity. In the past, this effectively doubled your workload, since you’re now pitching to two or more people to close a single deal.

That’s where our franchise lead generation software can help.

FranchiseSoft lets franchisors custom-design “virtual brochures” that can be passed from lead to influencers to address any questions or concerns that may arise in their private discussions.

Use these virtual brochures to showcase your sales process, share your company history, and otherwise highlight what makes your system special using text, images, and videos. You can also add to-do lists reminding leads of upcoming appointments, Discovery Days, and opportunities, and even use the virtual brochure as a gateway for direct messaging that sends any questions the influencer may have directly to your mobile device.

Finally, back to our point about flexibility, our franchise lead generation software lets you craft as many of these brochures as you need, so you can target all demographics, styles of learners, and personality types with unique info and features.

Learn more about our franchise lead generation software at https://www.franchisesoft.com.