Build Your Brand with Better Franchise Lead Management

Build Your Brand with Better Franchise Lead Management

Oct 22,2018 By

Today’s post explains how you can generate and convert more leads to help build your brand by using our no-nonsense franchise software.

Franchise Development: Penetrate New Markets and Build More Leads

As a franchisor, one of your most important duties is sustaining growth, so let’s talk franchise development.

To help grow your brand, our franchise management systems make penetrating new markets easier than ever by putting powerful market research tools at your fingertips. Auto-generated pipeline reports highlighting key metrics, threats, and market opportunities are sent automatically to your email, and can be viewed and shared from any authorized mobile device for smooth collaboration and smarter planning. Use this data in tandem with real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from all active franchises to spot growth trends, monitor market share, and guarantee you strike while the iron is hot. Furthermore, our franchise management systems make onboarding fast and easy, so your “shock troops” hit the ground running and carve out their market share before the competition.

FranchiseSoft also helps grow your brand by making more time for franchisors to work new leads. This is achieved by optimizing lead generation and automating administrative work that might otherwise keep you from nurturing new prospects.

So how do we optimize lead generation? First of all, our top-tier reporting supports stronger market research, which makes any lead generation campaigns and opportunity marketing more targeted and cost-effective. We also automatically keep detailed records on past leads to help you identify which lead brokers, portals, and other sources are generating the greatest ROI. Our marketing module also enhances the effectiveness of your franchise advertising, whether you prefer social media outreach or email campaigns, while our enhanced internal communications make it easier to share referral information, should any existing franchisees have candidates in mind.

What about saving time on administrative tasks? Here’s a taste of what our franchise development module can do for you in that regard:

  • Seamlessly integrate lead information from any lead portal to populate your contact list automatically and eliminate redundant data entry tasks. Suddenly, there are more hours in the day.
  • Consolidate recruitment and production activities into a single platform, eliminating the need for third-party software and add-ons. That means no more excessive tab-switching, and hours saved researching and buying various software solutions.
  • Streamline correspondence with all leads and brokers to eliminate communication delays. Access all correspondence, lead details, contacts, and calendars from the same mobile app.

Simply take all the hours, calls, and clicks our solution saves and reinvest them in your lead generation efforts. The results speak for themselves–just check out some recent testimonials.

Franchise Lead Management: Manage, Nurture, and Convert Leads to Leaders

With all these new leads coming in, you’re going to need help finding the time to work them through the sales process.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the lead management tools we’ve developed to supercharge your conversion rate:

  • A 360-degree Lead Profile that includes all contact info and details on lead ownership, sourcing, calendars, sales cycle progression, projected closing month, net worth, available capital, inquiry date, and more. Sort through leads based on whatever criteria you’re targeting and reach out to qualified candidates with a single click.
  • Workflow Tool that monitors the lead’s progress through the sales cycle in real time. Keep your finger on the pulse of new recruits and watch them move from new lead, to prospect, to franchise star, to retiree. And when used in conjunction with auto-archived lead correspondence, the workflow tool allows any authorized representative to pick up where you left off nurturing a lead for those busy times where you need to delegate.
  • Automated Email Campaigns that send custom messages to leads as they progress through the sales cycle to keep them engaged at all times. For example, some users set up a welcome email thanking the lead for their interest in the opportunity and assuring them that a franchisor will contact them soon.
  • Custom “Virtual Brochures” for new candidates to use to inform spouses or business partners about the details of your opportunity. Plus virtual brochures offer powerful back-end analytics so you can see what your lead is interested in, how long they spend on different sections, and more..

Want to learn more about our franchise lead management tools? Visit and start a free consultation and virtual walkthrough.