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4 Reasons to Implement Franchisor Management Software in 2018

Feb 01,2018 By

Looking for a way to bring your New Year’s business resolutions to life?

Today’s post shares 4 benefits to implementing our franchisor management software in 2018.

Save time and improve uptake with system manual updates.

Any established franchisor can attest to how quickly system manuals can fall out of date. In fact, one of the main appeals of a franchise system is that their process is constantly being audited and optimized.

As a result, updating and distributing new system manuals is an unending task that takes up a lot of time if you’re going about it the old fashioned way. And even those systems that are updated regularly are usually disjointed, with content added by different writers using different voices. You end up spending a lot of time and money (and printing a lot of paper) for suboptimal results.

This is where FranchiseSoft’s franchisor management software pays for itself all over again.

Specifically, this is where our Intranet module truly shines, putting digital libraries where system manuals can be hosted at your fingertips. These can be edited, shared, or copied by authorized users at any time, from any device, then distributed instantly to the entire franchise family in a single click.

Our advanced search function and criteria also improves system uptake, training time, and adherence, since finding new content or specific reference points now involves a 2-second search instead of a 5-minute scan.

Take inventory and supply chain control to new heights.

Planning to take on new inventory or explain your supply chain in 2018?

Our franchisor management software gives you completely corporate-level inventory visibility. Place orders based on min/max levels, connect directly with your supplier chain, and access historical data and seasonal trends, all from a basic mobile device with our franchisor management software installed.

Streamline sales communications to stand out from the crowd.

Franchising is more popular than ever and 2018 promises to be another record-setting year. While this reinforces the value of the franchise system, it also increases competition for franchisors trying to attract smart entrepreneurs and investors.

When trying to distinguish yourself from the competition, establishing consistent, personable, and timely communications throughout the franchise recruitment process is crucial.

Our franchisor management software streamlines sales communications at every stage of the process.

After integrating key metrics from the marketing module to create the perfect franchisee profile, our franchisor management software works with top lead portals to populate candidate lists for you automatically.

When people start responding to your offers, our software automatically alerts you to new leads to help you follow up faster than the competition. From there, you can respond to leads, review old correspondence, and close deals without switching away from the software you use to manage day-to-day operations.

Design better outreach campaigns from end-to-end.

Relevant, high-quality analytics are the basis of effective outreach, and our franchisor management software automatically generates pipeline reports, which are sent automatically to your email for review. These reports are easy to understand, with key performance indicators that apply to your outreach highlighted, and can be customized to emphasize desired metrics.

Once you’ve got the data you need, our ad builder and lead portal outreach tools make it easy to put together an enticing offer.

Minutes later, with nothing more than a mobile device, internet connection, and a few thumb strokes, you’ve launched a new outreach campaign to beat the competition.

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