Why Do You Need a Franchise CRM vs Any CRM?

Why Do You Need a Franchise CRM vs Any CRM?

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A franchise is like any other business inasmuch that it relies on customers to be successful. A franchise’s sales, like any business, is driven by customer relations. To have the best customer relations possible, you need a customer relationship management software (CRM). A good CRM can help you connect with your customer base and manage your relationship with customers. But can you use just any CRM? Do you specifically need a franchise CRM or can you retrofit a garden variety CRM to work with your franchise system?

How a CRM Helps Your Business

A good CRM software will eventually (and sometimes quickly) pay for itself. It does so by helping a business increase its profits over a period of time. The CRM software catalogues sales as well as customer information; this data is the lifeblood of any business, especially a franchise system.

An excellent CRM software will also help you to segregate your customers. You want to divide a customer base and categorize your target audience into different groups in order to develop strategic marketing strategies which are specific to the needs of each individual segment. Thus, your marketing strategies are more efficient and will help to increase sales. Segregating customers also makes it easier to engage them about new products or services. An effective CRM software will help you to identify the various needs and desires of your customer.

All of this is key to retain customers and clientele. But to get a CRM software working for you, you must first analyze what your goals and targets are. Look at the type of information your company needs to maximize sales, and from that delineate which is the best CRM software for your franchise system. To successfully increase your profits, you have to choose the right software. But is that software necessarily franchise specific?

How Franchise CRM Helps Your Franchise System

So we’ve seen how effective CRM software can help any business, but when it comes to franchise systems, a franchise-specific software boasts a number of advantages over a generic CRM software. For starters, a franchise CRM software facilitates and eases the process by which new franchisees settle into your franchise system. Once a new franchisee joins the franchise system, having access to important customer information, effective sales processes, and customized reporting dashboards unique to that franchisor’s business, helps to streamline the whole process and help the new franchisee hit the ground running. New franchisees will not waste time and money on trial and error or obsolete methods of organizing large amounts of customer data.

When a franchisee has access to a good CRM software, they can quickly access techniques that increase closing ratio and drive profits. When the employees and franchisees within a franchise system have accurate, up to date information on a prospect, they can make the right decisions to close the deal and finalize a sale. With this information, communications with prospects becomes easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable for the prospect, giving you a crucial advantage over your competition and helping to keep your franchise system growing.  A Franchise specific CRM also allows for a consistent process and system that all franchisees can follow, which can be defined by the franchisor and rolled out to all instances for each of its franchisees.  It also allows centralization of all leads and customers so the franchisor can have a top down view of the business and broad trends and access to big data.

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