5 Technology Tools Every Franchise Needs

5 Technology Tools Every Franchise Needs

Apr 25, 2016 By

It goes without saying that there are millions of businesses out there, and more and more are beginning to be formed each day. The niche of franchising is growing at a rapid rate and is expected to contribute nearly 3% to the US GDP.  Many people are leaving their 9-5 roles in hopes of becoming the...

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Key Franchise Success

How Customer Management Software is your Key to Franchise Success

Mar 31, 2016 By

It is practically impossible to manage a large franchise chain without proper franchise software, and CRM applications come built in with most of them. Customer Management Software is a pretty broad term and platforms live or die based on how they can service their particular demographic or niche. ...

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Franchise Software Systems: Benefits and Features

Mar 23, 2016 By

Managing a large franchise would be impossible without franchise software. Cloud based franchise software systems allow the user to handle large business networks. It is similar to a retail software with a full set of retail tools but it supports multiple sites and multiple franchise holders, al...

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