Is Your Management Software Franchise Friendly?

Is Your Management Software Franchise Friendly

Generic business management software doesn’t fly in the franchise world.

As current and former franchise owners ourselves, making our software franchise-friendly was one of the primary goals we had during the development phase.

So what does that mean, exactly? Read on!

Today’s post spotlights 4 franchise-friendly features that separate our management software solution from the competition.

  • Optimizing intra-franchise communications.

    Unlike other business models, franchises require constant communication between separate unit owners in order to coordinate brand-wide changes. So we made it easy for users to contact any member of their contacts or franchise family – one by one or en masse – from any device, using whatever mode of contact you prefer.

  • Trimming the fat from end-user training.

    Learning how to use franchise software shouldn’t be a headache, but franchisors continue to lose time, money, and opportunities to prolonged end-user training.

    We’re of the belief that it doesn’t make sense to pay for a software solution that’s going to hinder productivity or require you to hire a third-party IT team for training. And that’s why we focused on built-in support and training to make our management software franchise (and franchisee) friendly.

    In addition to our hands-on walkthrough, we use an innovative software called WalkMe to walk users through any task they need to know. For example, users who want to know how to send an email blast to a list of select franchisees simply activate the WalkMe add-on and follow the on-screen instructions. WalkMe uses a series of indicators, arrows, and pop-ups that can’t be missed, and you can activate this feature for almost any task.

    Our combination of hands-on support and intuitive walkthrough software will get your systems online fast so you can start making back the money you spent sooner.

  • Streamline onboarding for franchise owners.

    Franchises are unique from other business in that they have more frequent and intense onboarding demands. You’re not just training a new employee; you’re training new business owners how to operate their units in accordance with standardized, highly detailed processes that are essential for your brand’s consistency.

    Thus, to make our management software franchise friendly, we had to put a lot into our onboarding functionality. And we did – get the full scoop on our franchise support and training modules here.

  • Embracing customization at every turn.

    Broadly speaking, there are at least 4 types of franchise structures – single franchise units, area developers, area representatives, and sub-franchisors. Of course, beyond that, there are countless industries in which these variable system structures are deployed. With so many different franchise structures involved in so many different industries, there’s no way to make a single rigid software system work without limiting yourself to generic scheduling, bookkeeping, and communication software.

    The only way to go deeper and design a system that can provide user-specific solutions is to make everything customizable. And that’s exactly what we did.

    Though our software provides excellent out-of-the-box value, it gets better as you go; the more data you input about your franchisees and unique system, the more opportunities you get to create new types of content, automate tasks and training, and generate high-impact reports.

Book a software demonstration with our franchise-friendly team

Speak directly with a member of our team at 888-302-8676 or request a demo online by filling out our contact form at https://franchisesoft.com/contact-us/

Franchise Software System Support: 3 Ways to Cut the Learning Curve

Franchise Software System Support 3 Ways to Cut the Learning Curve

Even the best franchise software system can’t help you if you don’t learn how it works, right?

Most of us spend too much time on our devices nowadays to be considered “computer-illiterate,” but franchise software system learning curves can still be pretty steep (Mahapatra& Lai, 2005).

While you don’t need to know how to code, or develop any other advanced computer skills beyond basic data entry, and website navigation, users will need training and support to get the most out of their franchise software system upgrade. For that reason, efficient (and ongoing) end user training should be on your franchise software system shopping list. Indeed, for many franchisors, end user training timelines become the deciding factor between two comparable franchise software systems.

Moreover, as a franchisor, end user training is not just a one-and-done problem. New franchisees will need to be trained every so often, so cutting the learning curve early will save loads of time and money in the long run.

With this in mind, today’s post highlights 3 ways our franchise software system is designed to cut the learning curve for faster integration.

Take a virtual tour with the FranchiseSoft team

One of our first orders of business for potential buyers is to conduct a complete walkthrough, which will serve simultaneously as a preview and a primer that will form the foundation of your learning should you choose to buy.

As a mix of current and former franchise owners ourselves, we lean on our corporate training backgrounds to keep this introductory lesson clear, concise and relevant to your industry, showing you specific ways that our solution can be put to use.

This walkthrough is supported by a demo video that can be used as a point of reference.

Click here to book your free virtual tour to get a feel for what our franchise software system has to offer.

Hit the ground running and cut ongoing end user training time with WalkMe

Our commitment to cutting the learning curve led us to partner with WalkMe. a foolproof visual walkthrough tool that helps the end user speed through training. This tool can help you whether you’re a first-time user or a veteran trying to troubleshoot a specific problem.

So how does it work? It’s as easy as “following the bouncing ball” or coloring by numbers.

First, you select whichever task you want to learn through the WalkMe add-on. Then simply follow the on-screen arrows, indicators, and pop-ups as they walk you through the process click-by-click. You can pause, rewind, or repeat the walkthrough at any time, but WalkMe works in real-time so you can learn the task as you complete it!

Automate your franchisees’ end user training

In addition to the WalkMe tool, we offer a number of options for end-user training automation, including:

  • Digital libraries to store training materials, either for your franchise or franchise software system, which can be accessed from any authorized mobile device;
  • Training courses that can be created manually, with full ability to schedule and monitor task completion for specific franchisees;
  • A Franchise Ticket support system where franchisees can request help from anywhere, which automatically contacts the relevant department and adds a support task to that representatives’ schedule.

Learn more about our franchise software system – give us a call at 888-302-3676!


Mahapatra, R., & Lai, V. S. (2005). Evaluating end-user training programs. Communications of the ACM, 48(1), 66-70.

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