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Improving Adherence with Franchise Management Services

Oct 29, 2018 By

For many brands, franchise success boils down to consistency. But what do you do when your franchisees stray off the path? Better yet, how do you stop them straying in the first place? Our virtual franchise management services can help. Read on to learn how our franchise management services improv...

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Build Your Brand with Better Franchise Lead Management

Oct 22, 2018 By

Today’s post explains how you can generate and convert more leads to help build your brand by using our no-nonsense franchise software. Franchise Development: Penetrate New Markets and Build More Leads As a franchisor, one of your most important duties is sustaining growth, so let’s talk franchi...

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Beyond the Catchall: Concrete Franchise Solutions That Will Save You Money

Oct 16, 2018 By

If you’ve spent any time researching software for franchise development, field service management, lead generation, and the like, you’ve probably heard or read the catchall in question once or twice--”franchise solutions.” “We have franchise solutions!” It’s perfect for marketing co...

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A Top-Down Look at Franchise Management Systems in 2018

Oct 12, 2018 By

According to information processing theory, a top-down approach is defined as the breaking down of a system to gain insight into its compositional sub-systems. Today’s post takes a top-down look at the “subsystems” (or modules, as we call them) that make our franchise management systems so ...

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