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Saving Clicks and Making Money with Franchise Lead Management Software

Aug 31, 2018 By

Today’s post explains how our franchise lead management software can save you wasted dollars and clicks. Read on for a taste of the lead management utility our users love! Pinpointing Buyer Profiles for Smarter Ad Spending Breaking your typical buyer down into demographic data can be a useful wa...

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Franchise Lead Generation Software That Actually Works: 2 Key Features in Review

Aug 22, 2018 By

Tired of empty promises from your franchise lead generation software? So were we - so we built something that actually works! Today’s post spotlights 2 key FranchiseSoft features that will help you generate more quality candidates interested in your franchise opportunity. Tag-team lead management...

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3 Reasons Software Company Franchise Experience Matters

Aug 16, 2018 By

The FranchiseSoft team is made up of current and former franchise owners, which gives us a serious competitive edge over other franchise software developers. Today’s post explains 3 reasons why. Because we know enough to know we don’t know it all The essence of franchising is cooperation and c...

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Ending the ‘Telephone Game’ with Franchise Communication Software

Aug 08, 2018 By

Did you play the telephone game as a kid? For those who haven’t, the game is very simple. The goal is to relay a simple message down a line of people. But there’s a catch: the message must be passed in secret, whispered from ear to ear. All the sneaky whispering is fun, but the game’s real p...

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