3 Lucrative Features Every Franchise CRM Should Have

3 Lucrative Features Every Franchise CRM Should Have

Today’s post runs down 3 lucrative features that every franchise CRM ought to offer. This 5-minute read could make you money and turn you on to something game-changing!

  1. Automate your Customer Research and Save Precious Data

The best marketing, product releases, and promotions are built on quality customer research. Knowing what your customer likes and dislikes goes a long way.

And that information is all readily available–provided you have the tools to use it.

In fact, each and every customer interaction is an opportunity to learn more about your target market. Every time a member of your franchise team picks up the phone for a consultation, finalizes a sale, follows up on a promising lead, or meets a prospect over lunch, they learn new and potentially valuable information that could benefit your business.

In the past, collecting this data was a chore. Analogue and unconnected media was the only option–notebooks, napkins, on the backs of business cards, and sometimes just desperately trying to keep it all in our heads. Those dedicated enough to record data manually still had to worry about protecting physical scraps of paper. And lugging your laptop to a meeting didn’t fix it; typing up important info isn’t enough if it’s never stored, shared, and used properly. Key details got lost in forgotten files.

Worse still, if the individual who held (or remembered) all that vital information happened to leave, your valuable customer data walked out the door with them.

Modern franchise CRMs changed everything. Every top franchise CRM is now cloud-based and fully functional on your mobile device. That means you can capture, store, share, review, analyze, and interpret vital customer information from a single app on your mobile device. You never have to worry about losing data again, and sharing it with members of your franchise family has never been easier.

Save everything from sales data to business correspondence and details on customer operations. All SMS/text/email correspondence is easily archived, and calls can be logged from the same Lead List tab you use to make them. Once the data is logged, it’s totally secure and easily searchable for authorized users.

In addition, key customer metrics are included in FranchiseSoft’s automated KPI reports, so you won’t miss a thing.

  1. Enable Seamless Sales Handoffs

Managing customers’ transition from one member of your sales team to another is a delicate process that’s fraught with pitfalls.

Sometimes customer information would fall through the cracks during the switch, and customers would have to repeat themselves. That makes your brand look disorganized and the customer feel unappreciated. It can even cost you the sale.

Sometimes the sale goes awry for other reasons, and, without proper documentation, team members start pointing fingers because nobody knows who’s accountable for what.

Fortunately, both of these problems are solved with the right franchise CRM.

With FranchiseSoft, all SMS/text/email correspondence is easily archived, and clients’ progress through the sales cycle is meticulously tracked, so you can seamlessly transition from one representative to the next. A quick read will bring the new representative up to speed for the perfect handoff.

  1. Simplified Task and Event Scheduling

It’s 2019–customers want a smooth experience, and they want online booking options. Our franchise CRM focuses on both via powerful task and event scheduling tools that are easy to use and mobile-friendly. You can read more about that here, or call 888-302-3676 for a free walkthrough.

How Does FranchiseSoft Stack Up to Other Franchise Software Companies?

How Does FranchiseSoft Stack Up to Other Franchise Software Companies?

Today’s post looks past the nuts-and-bolts value of our franchise solution to highlight a few unsung reasons why FranchiseSoft stands out from the competition.

If you want to learn more about our franchise software functionality, click here. Otherwise read on to learn about a few extra things that distinguish our staff, product, and service from other franchise software companies.

How Many Franchise Software Companies Run Their Own Franchises?

With some companies, a perilous disconnect exists between the developers and their target market. Despite all the market research that money could buy, they still don’t truly know what it’s like on the front lines of the franchising industry. They haven’t tried to market a franchise, manage a supply chain, or monitor the performance of dozens of outlets across the national at the same time, and it shows in their software.

That’s not the case at FranchiseSoft. Our team is made up of current and former franchise owners who know and love the franchising world. That’s how we designed such an intuitive and “predictive” solution–we know what franchisees and franchisors are looking for, and we built it into our solution before they had to ask.

How many franchise software companies can say the same?

FranchiseSoft Prioritizes User Feedback

It was Shakespeare who wrote, “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

We may have a lot of franchise experience, but that doesn’t mean we know it all. And that’s why we give user feedback so much attention.

Users can send comments, questions, and concerns about any aspect of our software. We value this feedback. Everything is considered and we update regularly based on what we hear. We also pour a lot of effort into our support system, and implement a priority upvote system to make sure big issues are addressed ASAP.

FranchiseSoft Knows Franchise Marketing Better Than Other Franchise Software Companies

FranchiseSoft CEO and co-founder Jamshaid Hashmi is also the CEO of ClickTecs, a specialized franchise marketing agency, headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

As of 2019, they have delivered digital marketing solutions for well over a decade. In that time, they’ve worked with big names in the franchise world.

Their core services include:

  • Website design and development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media optimization (SMO)
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Mobile applications
  • Mobile marketing

Like FranchiseSoft, ClickTecs’ approach is multidisciplinary, combining the skills of business and marketing executives; web design and application development professionals; and search engine and web analytics experts.

Why should you care? Is this just a subtle ad for a FranchiseSoft affiliate?

Not quite. It’s meant to highlight one of FranchiseSoft’s distinguishing features: multidisciplinary experience and franchise expertise.

Who better to trust with designing a franchise marketing module than franchise digital marketing specialists? Our franchise software gives the franchisee the freedom and flexibility to conduct their own individual limited marketing, and streamlines communication to coordinate franchise-wide campaigns. It is fully compatible with many marketing software tools, and automates many aspects of your marketing research.

And if you want more intensive franchise marketing solutions, just talk to your current software provider for a ClickTecs consultation. Since you’re already working with our extended franchise family, the start-up process can’t get any easier. You’ll never find a marketing company that knows your franchise software like us.

Schedule a free FranchiseSoft walkthrough–call 888-302-3676.

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