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Capture Your Creative Inspiration with Mobile Franchise Solutions

Apr 26, 2019 By

The Muse visits us in the strangest of places--often far from the office desktop--but that’s no excuse to let her gifts go to waste. Today’s post explores 3 keys to creativity, then explains how FranchiseSoft’s mobile franchise solutions help you capture your creative inspiration anytime,...

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2 Ways FranchiseSoft Promotes Smarter Market Research

Apr 22, 2019 By

Today’s post reviews two major keys to smarter market research, both of which are made easy with our franchise marketing automation software. The Dynamic Duo: 2 Keys to Smarter Market Research   Pinpoint marketing objectives and coordinate a team effort. SitePoint put...

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Why Modularity Matters for Franchise Software

Apr 19, 2019 By

Modular design is non-negotiable for franchise software, which needs to work equally well for restaurant franchises and field service companies. Today’s post digs into this topic a little deeper, borrowing findings from modular manufacturing to highlight the benefits of our franchise soft...

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3 Reasons to Implement Franchise Software Systems in 2019

Apr 15, 2019 By

In case you aren’t already leveraging their incredible value, today’s post gives you 3 more reasons to consider franchise software systems in 2019: Franchise software systems create more opportunities for automation. Automation is the Holy Grail for business owners, highly valued but ...

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