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Upping Engagement Levels with Franchise Employee Management Software

Jun 28, 2019 By

Have you ever heard someone say that “your employees are your greatest asset”? This old business standby gets thrown around a lot, and for good reason: over the long run, nothing beats a team that’s committed, energetic, and engaged. Not technology, not big budgets, not head-starts--...

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Building Organizational Trust with Franchise Communication Software

Jun 24, 2019 By

As with any relationship, the keys to effective franchise partnerships are trust and communication. Today’s post explain how FranchiseSoft’s franchise communication software helps you build both for better strategic and operational performance. Research shows the value of strong franchise co...

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Does Your Franchise Accounting Software Really Save You Money?

Jun 21, 2019 By

We all want to save time and money, and most products claim they have the answer. But how many really do? Today’s post explains 3 ways FranchiseSoft’s franchise accounting software really lives up to this marketing copy cliché. Franchise accounting software adds convenience and eli...

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4 Features to Look for in Modern Franchise Software Systems

Jun 19, 2019 By

Today’s post runs down 4 features your franchise software system needs in 2019. If your current system lacks even one of these essential features, you’re at a serious disadvantage. Read on to learn why. Automated workflows Workflow automation is one of the main selling points for...

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