How-to: Streamline HVAC Franchise Operations with Cloud Services

How-to: Streamline HVAC Franchise Operations with Cloud Services

In the Internet Era, mobility is one of the keys to keeping your HVAC franchise relevant. More than ever, homeowners in need of HVAC services are researching and scheduling appointments on-the-go using mobile devices, and it only makes sense that franchise owners should take advantage of these same time-saving technologies.

Today, nearly three-quarters of all businesses operating in the United States and Canada have some incorporated cloud technology as a means of improving their scheduling, invoicing, and business management processes. This post outlines exactly how that’s possible, foregrounding the benefits of going mobile on the cloud, then explaining how your HVAC franchise can access these benefits today.

Streamline HVAC Franchise Services on the Cloud

  • Convert customers from anywhere. FranchiseSoft field management software uses cloud technology and a comprehensive dashboard to help you keep track of leads, document all correspondence for easy reference, and communicate instantly with your clients via text or email on your smartphone or tablet. This means you can monitor prospects, complete consultations, and convert new business whether you’re suited up at the office, lounging around the house, or halfway through dinner at a restaurant.
  • Empower your technicians with one-click access to reference material. Sometimes technicians needs to refer to important notes, client requests, and scheduling details for a job well-done. Rather than relying on memory, they can turn to their smartphone and find whatever is required with a single click, which means fewer mistakes, improved productivity, and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Update clients about general promotions or specific job details. FranchiseSoft’s cloud-based communication tools allow HVAC franchise owners to reach out to all, some, or individuals leads with a simple series of clicks. Whether you need to contact a client to update them on the status of a scheduled appointment, or send a customer base-wide promotional blast, our field management software makes it easy.
  • Trim the fat off of your invoice process. Our field management software enhances the sales process from end-to-end, but invoicing is especially easy. Field technicians can tap into our cloud-based mobile app to invoice clients on-site, or have the franchise owner collect payment online at a later date. Best of all, our software is fully integrated with QuickBooks to take the stress out of your recordkeeping.
  • Scale up operations easily, and at no extra cost. HVAC franchises are growing. In fact, a US Department of Labor report recently projected a 34% growth in this sector between 2010 and 2020. With this in mind, HVAC franchise owners need to implement software that makes expansion easy.Purchasing a traditional software license typically only supports a predetermined number of users. This allows software developers to charge more money as your company scales up in size, but the tiered pricing may force you to purchase more licenses than are required for your expansion. On the other hand, our cloud-based field service management software can easily be scaled to accommodate your franchise’s growth. Moreover, you can save money on the upgrade; unlike traditional on-premise software, our cloud solution lets you specify exactly how many use licenses you need, eliminating wastage.

Getting Your “Head in the Cloud” – Go Mobile with your HVAC Franchise for FREE

FranchiseSoft is currently offering free software demonstrations for all interested HVAC franchise owners. If you want to learn more about what our cloud-based technology can do for you, visit https://franchisesoft.com/franchise-solutions/field-service-management/ to learn more

Going Mobile: Save Time and Money with Field Service Management Tech

Going Mobile: Save Time and Money with Field Service Management Tech

Changing technologies, environmental considerations, and new demands imposed by the increasingly competitive globalized market have made systems virtualization the way of the future for franchises in the service sector. In today’s post, we discuss four ways that you can save money by going mobile with FranchiseSoft’s field service management technology.

  • Save time disseminating work orders. Paper-based work orders worked well enough for service based franchise owners in the past, but they’re no longer optimal. Today, franchise owners in the service industry rely on field service management technology to save time and money that would otherwise be spent on menial tasks, like handing out work orders.Consider how much time an HVAC franchise owner or a handy man franchise owner will spend each week manually distributing and reviewing work orders from one department to another. With this old model of paper-based work orders, meetings were often needed to field questions and resolve scheduling conflicts. These obligations consumed hours of time every day that could have been spent generating new business or completing client work.FranchiseSoft field service management technology distills these duties into a single click. Rather than handing physical orders off one-by-one, you can create, assign, and disseminate new work orders to employees and field reps instantly, from anywhere. In doing so, we give service franchise owners more opportunities to grow their profits and keep up with the demands of the globalized Internet era’s round-the-clock business hours.
  • Save money on stationery (and save the environment) with systems virtualization. Business owners in every sector spend staggering amounts of money on stationery supplies each year. Switching to mobile, cloud-based software like our field service management technology can save franchise owners hundreds of dollars every year, while also contributing to “green” environmental initiatives by minimizing paper consumption. Rather than filling out physical invoices and printing reports, you can share these documents in an instant through any smartphone or tablet.
  • Cut down unnecessary travel time. While franchise employees may be paid for their travel time, these trips don’t generate any money for the owners. If you’re looking for ways to improve your return on investment as a service based franchise owner, eliminating unnecessary trips is an excellent option. Field reps always need to travel to job sites to provide services, but anything else is a costly excess.  Franchise owners who have invested in Franchise Soft’s field service management software give their technicians the ability to share pictures of their work, get sign-offs from their clients, invoice anywhere, and collect payment on the spot. If the client isn’t ready to pay, the technician can get on with their day worry-free; our software lets the franchise office request and collect payment online anytime, which means no return trips!
  • Never waste time on data entry duty again. Our cloud-based field service management software lets you effortlessly replicate, share, and convert relevant documents. We can completely automate your invoicing process, and because our software is fully integrated with Quickbooks, you can save hours on bookkeeping.

While these four benefits translate to big savings for franchise owners in the service sector, they’re really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what our field service management software can do for you. If you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to visit https://franchisesoft.com/franchise-solutions/field-service-management/. Service basedfranchise owners can get a free demonstration by filling out the contact form on the right hand side.

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