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Best Franchise Management Software

What Features Make the Best Franchise Management Software?

Nov 27, 2017 By

Today, the FranchiseSoft team outlines 3 fundamental features of franchise management software. Whether you’re on the market for something new, or simply want to audit your current CRM to see how it stacks up against the industry standard, this post will come in handy! Though not an exhaustive ...

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Why Choose FranchiseSoft for Your Franchise Sales CRM

Why Choose FranchiseSoft for Your Franchise Sales CRM?

Nov 20, 2017 By

According to a study by Entrepreneur magazine, implementing a franchise sales CRM is associated with higher sales, better customer satisfaction ratings, and improved marketing campaign performance. So we know franchise sales CRMs are worthwhile – now you’ve just got to find a good one. “...

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4 Reasons to Use Franchise Operations Software For Your Restaurant Franchise

4 Reasons to Use Franchise Operations Software For Your Restaurant Franchise

Nov 15, 2017 By

After outlining a typical restaurant owner profile that may sound familiar, this case study explores 4 ways FranchiseSoft’s franchise operations software can optimize your processes and boost sales. Franchise Operations Software Case Study - The “FranchiseSoft Bar & Grill” Welcome to the...

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Franchise CRM

3 Benefits of Implementing a Franchise CRM

Nov 10, 2017 By

  Today’s post covers 3 benefits of implementing a franchise CRM that apply to franchisees and franchisors in any industry. Cut paper work out of your life. If you’ve been running a franchise for some time without a franchise CRM, you probably don’t want to know how much time you...

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