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Is It Time for a Franchise Management Systems Upgrade?

Sep 26, 2018 By

Technology moves fast, but franchisors who keep up enjoy major competitive advantages. So is it time to update your franchise management systems? Let’s find out! A Beginner’s Guide to Franchise Management Software Before we dive into our franchise management systems checklist, let’s lay some...

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How Can Software Improve my Franchise Marketing?

Sep 19, 2018 By

As business owners, we know better than to hold out for “magic pill” solutions, so it makes sense to be wary of anyone claiming that software is going to significantly improve your franchise marketing. But hear us out - this will be a quick read, and it might put you on the scent of something t...

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Facilitating Cooperation and Boosting Sales with Franchise Communication Software

Sep 12, 2018 By

Any good franchise communication software should hang its hat on the ability to facilitate greater intra-franchise cooperation. But that’s not all that makes franchise communication software worthwhile. Your software should also facilitate greater engagement with your customer base. With that in ...

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Don’t Accept Obsolescence: The Secret to ‘Evergreen’ Franchise Management Services

Sep 05, 2018 By

At FranchiseSoft HQ, “obsolescence” is a dirty word. Today’s post explains how FranchiseSoft gives users their money’s worth and more, and never fall victim to “planned obsolescence” practices again! Beware of “Planned Obsolescence” in Franchise Management Services “Planned obsole...

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