Franchise CRM Software Systems Increase Profits

Franchise CRM Software Systems Increase Profits

May 18,2016 By

A franchise is a business, sales are driven by customer relations, and more sales mean greater profits. Having a franchise customer relations management (CRM) software is a great way to connect with your customer base and manage the relationship over time. If you’re thinking about scaling down your CRM as a means of cutting costs you are going about it in the wrong way. Investing in a good franchise CRM software is an investment that pays for itself, increases profits and helps retain clientele.

Here are a few ways that a Franchise CRM can benefit your franchise organization: 

Knowledge is Power: When a franchisee has access to a good CRM software at their disposal, they can quickly access techniques that increase closing ratio and drive profits. When the employees and franchisees have accurate information on a prospect, they can make quick decisions that help increase sales and grab a larger share of the market. Even if a prospect has inquired previously but not purchased anything, all their communication is logged in a 360 degree view of that customer record in FranchiseSoft’s CRM.  Armed with this knowledge, sales and development reps can communicate with that prospect accordingly and stay ahead of the competition to keep your franchise growing.

Helps New Franchisees: Once a new franchisee joins the family, having a CRM software can really help them to get their feet wet. With valuable customer information, proven sales processes, customized reporting dashboards, system wide KPIs and workflows built in the franchise CRM can be pushed down from the head office.  This information helps a new franchisee get assimilated into the proven franchise model and provides access at their fingertips to best practices that can aid them in closing business. They do not need to waste money on trial and error or obsolete methods of organizing large amounts of customer data.

Pays for itself: An amazing franchise CRM software can pay for itself by increasing profits over a period of time. The software catalogues sales and customer information which is vital to the franchise.  It houses approved communication templates that are sent out at various parts of the sales process, and contains a centralized 360 degree view of the customer or prospect so subsequent or new sales opportunities can be created quickly and easily. This information will help close sales, increase market share and retain customers. In order to get a franchise CRM software that pays for itself, you need to analyze what your goals and targets are. Look at the type of information your company needs to maximize sales, and based on that information, choose a Franchise CRM software that makes the most sense for you. Increasing profits depends on picking the right software.

Segregating customers is a good thing: A valuable franchise CRM software helps divide a customer base and categorize the target audience into segments. Categorizing the target audience helps in developing strategic marketing strategies that are specific to the needs or past history of that particular segment. This makes the marketing strategies more efficient, and in the long run, it increases sales and gives the franchise a higher return on marketing campaigns. Segmenting customers also makes it easier to approach them with new products and services. Different people have different tastes and a franchise CRM software will help to identify the different wants and needs of the customer base. This is key information when a franchise wants to retain customers and clientele for the future.

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A franchise CRM software is a sound investment for any franchise. Choosing the right software is a very important business decision. A franchise software system is a tool you need in order to keep up with the pack. In today’s world, falling behind is not something you want to do. Give us a call in order to receive more expert tips!